Wall Street Journal – Apr 2 2022 – “Take the El” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“A Visit From the Goon Squad” author EGAN
“Ah, well…” ALAS
“Darth Vader is Luke’s father,” e.g SPOILER
“Hey, over here!” PSST
“I think that I shall never see…” poem TREES
“Insecure” star RAE
“The Fifer” artist MANET
“Vous ___” (“You are,” in Arles) ETES
“You have my full commitment” IMALLIN
1999 Anthony Hopkins film based on a Shakespeare play TITUS
95-Down, e.g WINE
A bit close to home TOOREAL
Ancient element WATER
Ancient region of Asia Minor IONIA
Arrived GOTIN
Arthur of the courts ASHE
Aspect FACET
Autumn colour OCHRE
Basics ABCS
Bickering ATIT
Birch family member ALDER
Blocks STOPS
Blood component SERUM
Boxer, e.g BREED
Breaches GAPS
Caboose REAR
Came to AWOKE
Canadian station brand ESSO
Casual attempts STABS
Cause for caution PERIL
Caution to a zealous gambler? PACEYOURBETS
Celebrity feuds? FAMEWARS
Cheering cry RAH
Cigarette stuff TAR
Citrus quaff ORANGEADE
City shrouded in mystery? TURIN
Classy spreads PATES
Combat sport, briefly MMA
Congresswoman Omar ILHAN
Considers, as testimony HEARS
Consult for advice TURNTO
Contents of el Golfo de México AGUA
Costing as much as RUNNINGTO
Cousin of 19-Across CELLO
Cowboy flick OATER
Customizable Nintendo avatar MII
Day divider NOON
Defib experts EMTS
Determined response IWILLSO
Dig, maybe SNOOP
Driving aid TEE
Dropped from the squad CUT
Easy task SNAP
Emporium MART
Ernie’s pal BERT
Exuberant exclamation WAHOO
Faucet annoyance DRIP
Faux fireplace blazer GASLOG
Finished a course ATE
First-rate TOPS
Fleece ROB
Fusses with feathers PREENS
Grand, say PIANO
Grouch in a garbage can OSCAR
He journeys from the Shire to Mount Doom FRODO
Heart CORE
Hint of color TINCT
Hush-hush govt. org NSA
Infotainment show once hosted by Maria Menounos ENEWS
Instrument with a solo in Berlioz’s “Harold in Italy” VIOLA
Invalidates ANNULS
It’s about 27 days for the moon ORBIT
Janvier à décembre ANNEE
Jeans company honchos? PANTMANAGERS
Keys, e.g ISLETS
Leaves for a drink? TEA
Less refined RAWER
Like existential questions DEEP
Like many disciplinarians STERN
List effortlessly REELOFF
Little mix-up at the ophthalmologist? SIGHTMISUNDERSTANDING
Madonna film role EVA
Many a Klingon speaker TREKKIE
Marsh media? BOGPOSTS
Meas. of economic activity GNP
Measure of virality RETWEETS
Ming whose number was retired by the Rockets YAO
Mistreated WRONGED
Money of Mexico PESO
Mouth features DELTAS
Mulligans REDOS
Off-kilter ASKEW
Olympus offerings SLRS
One might unfold at night COT
One of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” OLGA
One-time connection ATA
Pale brown ECRU
Participant in a review, perhaps PEER
Pays for hand delivery ANTES
Person who sits in a lot of laps? RACER
Pharmacist Lilly ELI
Philatelist’s prize STAMP
Photographer Diane ARBUS
Piece of art in a Wells Fargo? BANKCANVAS
Piece of cleaning equipment at a basketball gym? BACKBOARDERASER
Pinkett Smith of “The Matrix Resurrections” JADA
Result ARISE
Salad recall cause ECOLI
Scorpion’s attack STING
Scout’s brother, in “To Kill a Mockingbird” JEMFINCH
See 124-Across BART
Sicilian spouter ETNA
Site for French lessons ECOLE
Site of the Mughal Empire’s Red Fort DELHI
Slowly escape SEEP
Some reds from Bordeaux MALBECS
Spotlight hog HAM
Start for phone or church MEGA
Starts, as a hobby TAKESUP
Steal at a farmers’ market? PEABARGAIN
Stellar flare-ups NOVAS
Swimmers in pods ORCAS
Swiss mathematical great EULER
Tail spin? WAG
Tender in Tartarus? CASHOFTHETITANS
The Who’s “___ O’Riley” BABA
Their name for New Zealand is Aotearoa MAORI
They work in shifts GEARS
Thing of the past RELIC
Tighten text EDIT
Tsp. or oz AMT
Typographer’s projection SERIF
Walk heavily TROMP
Where some trials are held TESTLAB
Winnebago owner RVER
Word after web or sky CAM
Work through SOLVE
Wring every possible advantage from MILK
Yoga need MAT
___ Krabappel (111-Down’s teacher) EDNA

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