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Wall Street Journal – Apr 21 2018 – Inside Baseball

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Clues Answers
‘Fab!’ MARVY
‘Funny Girl’ song PEOPLE
‘Give ___ me straight’ ITTO
‘Wuthering Heights’ writer BRONTE
1960s film doctor for an L.A. player STRANGELOVE
Analytical psychology for a San Francisco player JUNGIANTHEORY
Appear SEEM
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Ballpark music maker ORGAN
Baronet’s title SIR
Batter RAM
Battery component TEST
Benedictine title DOM
Bloomer and Earhart AMELIAS
Booth Tarkington book PENROD
Boris Godunov, e.g TSAR
Brainless behavior IDIOCY
Branching diagram TREE
Brand with a torch logo AMOCO
Bygone punishment THECANE
Carew in Cooperstown ROD
Chivalrous words ALLOWME
Christian Serratos’s role on ‘The Walking Dead’ ROSITA
Comprehensive COVERALL
Cropped up AROSE
Dairy product in a red coat EDAM
Dental anesthetic PROCAINE
Diaghilev’s denials NYETS
Does some stealing ROBS
Dressing pros ATTIRERS
Drink garnish for a Texas player ORANGERIND
Drum kit component TOMTOM
Each PER
Eyeball OGLE
Fashion line HEM
Favored folks ELITE
Filmdom’s Flynn ERROL
First full mo. of the baseball season APR
Flagstead in the Red Sox Hall of Fame IRA
Flash in a shower METEOR
Force unit DYNE
From scratch ANEW
Garden tool SPADE
Guesthouse area for a Houston player BREAKFASTROOM
Gym membership, perhaps PERK
Hall of Fame pitcher Rusie AMOS
Hard exertion SLOG
Heavy club MACE
His ‘night visitors’ were the Magi AMAHL
Hit-or-miss RANDOM
Hostess snack similar to Little Debbie’s Swiss Roll HOHO
Human herbivores VEGANS
Hung. neighbor ROM
Hung. neighbor AUS
Ignore orders GOROGUE
Is unobliged to NEEDNOT
It may have a part HAIR
It may involve steals and tags YARDSALE
Jazz songwriter Blake EUBIE
Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ house band THEROOTS
Like some rural bridges ONELANE
Like some sandbars COASTAL
Like vinegar ACETIC

Clues Answers
Long-winded sort GASBAG
Lowly worker ANT
Lustrous qualities SHEENS
Make like a hot dog PANT
Mariner’s call AHOY
Mariners cap feature ESS
Member of a farm team ASS
Mentor’s mentee PROTEGE
Methane discoverer VOLTA
Midshipman’s sch USNA
Miranda whose case inspired the Miranda warning ERNESTO
Money to help you leave a lot CARLOAN
Most up for a fresh challenge GAMEST
Mouthwash brand since 1903 LAVORIS
Move, in realty lingo RELO
Neurotoxin for an Atlanta player COBRAVENOM
Not the usual sp VAR
Number after septem OCTO
Old photocopier brand MITA
Opens a window, perhaps UNHASPS
Outside, in Arles HORS
Paltry MERE
Partook of HAD
Pastel hue LAVENDER
Pay to play ANTE
Peeved state SNIT
Perfume ingredient ATTAR
Physical condition FETTLE
Pirate activity RAID
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Pitchers, e.g VESSELS
Port for a Minnesota player DESSERTWINE
Pres. Mauricio Macri’s nation ARG
Question often followed by ‘You shouldn’t have!’ FORME
Radium activity DECAY
Rays’ home TAMPA
Reasons for extra innings TIES
Retriever reward TREAT
Rocky cry YOADRIAN
Sci-fi odyssey for a New York player TIMETRAVEL
Send in REMIT
Seneca tutored him NERO
Sighting ESPIAL
Some appliances GES
Something to exercise CAUTION
Spatter catchers APRONS
Stadium conveniences ATMS
Stone on screen EMMA
Strawberry Fields sponsor ONO
Successor of Moses JOSHUA
Team disappointment LOSS
Thing ITEM
TiVo forerunner VCR
Try to hit FIREAT
Two-time AL strikeout leader Reynolds ALLIE
Unconventional protagonist NONHERO
Unlawful act TORT
Verdon of ‘Damn Yankees’ GWEN
Very beginning GETGO
Voiced, in linguistics SONANT
Wise lawgivers SOLONS
Without delay NOW
Workout unit REP
Wound up TENSE
WWII stance for a Detroit player ANTIGERMAN
___ Domini ANNO