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Wall Street Journal – Apr 21 2020 – Blue Notes – Puzzle Solutions

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Au revoir, ___ amis!” MES
“Billions” network, briefly SHO
“I’ll handle that right away!” ONIT
“The Valley of Amazement” writer Amy TAN
A bunch LOADS
Acted as a role model, say LED
All set READY
Be plenty angry BOIL
Bewitch HEX
Bird droppings? EGGS
Collectible disk of the 1990s POG
Comics enforcer played by Stallone in a 1995 film JUDGEDREDD
Commotion ADO
Consequence of a dull razor, perhaps NICK
Counterparts of crannies NOOKS
Croft of the catacombs LARA
Crumple (up) WAD
Dutch cheese that’s often smoked GOUDA
Eat late SUP
Enhances the flavor, in a way ADDSSALT
Eyes unpleasantly OGLES
Finals, e.g EXAMS
Fire AXE
Garr of “Young Frankenstein” TERI
Gullible ones SAPS
Gusher output OIL
Hathaway with an Oscar ANNE
Have a vision? SEE
Helping hand for Morticia THING
Host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell” JACKSONGALAXY
Hugo-winning author Stephenson NEAL
Impress and then some AWE
In working order OPERABLE
Jane Austen title character EMMA
Krypton, for one GAS
Like some dream vacation destinations EXOTIC
Lovelace who was a pioneering computer programmer ADA
Made a choice OPTED
Makes a musical into a movie, say ADAPTS
Manjula’s husband on “The Simpsons” APU
Match that doesn’t go on one’s record PRESEASONGAME
Muffin morsel OAT
Omar of “House” EPPS
Opening for Fallon or Colbert MONOLOG
Order to a police dog SICEM
Passover feast SEDER
Peculiar ODD
Physician of talk TV DROZ
Places SITES
Pound of poetry EZRA
Prefix for classical or conservative NEO
Prescription for the anxious XANAX
Put down roots? PLANTATREE
Sentence division YEAR
Sharon Olds work ODE
Shoe parts SOLES
Sound asleep? SNORE
Sound from a belfry PEAL
Special someone, in modern slang BAE
Take flight to unite ELOPE
Terrier in 1930s movies ASTA
Thesaurus wds SYNS
Track for an aching heart, and a hint to 16-, 28-, 34- and 42-Across BREAKUPSONG
Union for sch. workers NEA
Up to, informally TIL
Vietnamese noodle soup PHO
Wander (about) GAD
Wild guess STAB
Yellowstone herd BISON
___ de deux PAS
___ pro nobis ORA