Wall Street Journal – Apr 21 2022 – “Stop Gap” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Owner of a Lonely Heart” band YES
Ave. crossers STS
Be undetermined PEND
Big star NOVA
Bit for Bartlett SAYING
Boldly original EDGY
Cal. abbr MON
Carry out OBEY
Celsius, e.g SWEDE
Cheater’s sleeve contents ACE
Citizen of Hollywood KANE
Claim AVER
Closes ENDS
Danger to Allied shipping UBOAT
Data examiner ANALYST
Djellaba wearer ARAB
Early ancestor APEMAN
Emotion celebrated by Dean Martin AMORE
Eon division ERA
Eyes, to poets ORBS
Fagradalsfjall flow LAVA
Fertilization targets OVA
Football player’s jewelry? BACKSPIN
Form into braids PLAIT
Grey, for one EARL
Harsh review of a New York show? TIMESPAN
Have dreams ASPIRE
Hide-and-seek consideration? COUNTERSPACE
Hindu scriptures VEDAS
Indulges one’s wanderlust ROVES
Intimate PAL
Its height is 20,310 feet DENALI
Judge in New York AARON
Kanga’s creator AAMILNE
Kylo ___ (son of Han Solo) REN
Lab in one’s house, maybe PET
Landscaper’s installations SHRUBS
Let off EXCUSE
Like tea bags POROUS
Linguistics expert of 1960s TV UHURA
Loud laugh sound HEEHAW
Mantises assume their characteristic posture? BUGSPRAY
Marijuana supply for holidays? VACATIONSPOT
Match BOUT
Memorial designer Maya LIN
Most precipitous SHEEREST
Office worker CLERK
Old photo tone SEPIA
Org. with headquarters at 1111 Constitution Ave IRS
Pianist Verne ADELA
Polish articles EDIT
Porker pen STY
Preposition for Proust AVEC
Ruthlessly reduces AXES
Saltpeter NITER
Schemes PLOYS
Second person on the moon ALDRIN
Shakespearean “shoo!” AVAUNT
Simple BASIC
Stratford’s river AVON
Sugar source CANE
Summary RECAP
Super Breakout maker ATARI
SWAT specialist SNIPER
Take a load off SIT
Took transit RODE
Treatment center? SPA
Very top APEX
What every little breeze seems to whisper, in an old song LOUISE
Winner of an altitudinous beauty contest? MISSPEAK
Witch’s work HEX
Yellowstone herd BISON
Youngest of the Brady daughters CINDY
___ on thick LAYIT

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