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Wall Street Journal – Apr 22 2020 – Offensive Line – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“I Love Lucy” surname MERTZ
“Now that makes sense!” OHISEE
“Pride and Prejudice” gentleman DARCY
“___ shaking?” WHATS
About a ninth of Earth’s land RUSSIA
Aloof group of actors? DISTANTCAST
Big do GALA
Blissful areas EDENS
Blockbuster followers SEQUELS
Break GAP
Brief bylaw REG
Caffeine-rich nut KOLA
Cards, on scorecards STL
Clinch, as a victory ICE
Cooks’ concoctions SAUCES
Counselor to Picard TROI
Deborah’s co-star in “The King and I” YUL
Deck alternative PATIO
Decks out ADORNS
Deforestation, say? AMAZONCRIME
Deposit in some banks SILT
Development sites TRACTS
Do some kneading before using the potter’s wheel? SQUEEZECLAY
Early start? PRE
Extreme SEVERE
Fictional plantation TARA
Finish for ethyl or methyl ENE
Firmly establish CEMENT
First female speaker of the House PELOSI
Five Nations tribe SENECA
Full of gossip DISHY
Garage mechanic? ONEUNDERCAR
Garage sale sign ASIS
German steel hub ESSEN
Gives away DIVULGES
Hardly chill TENSE
Hardly hero material COWARD
Highest-order angel SERAPH
Important time ERA
It involves reading letters EYETEST
Joints that swing HINGES
Kindle romance, say EBOOK
Like diamonds in your hand RED
Martinique, par exemple ILE
Milky Way part CARAMEL
National competitor AVIS
Nincompoop ASS
Nineveh’s nation ASSYRIA
Oscars org AMPAS
Package on a hand truck? DOLLYCARTON
Pallid ASHY
Paperless pubs EZINES
Peter Parker’s aunt MAY
Potentially offensive, and the theme of this puzzle NOTPC
Programming solutions HACKS
Property divider, at times HEDGE
Put the kibosh on END
Ready for departure ABOARD
Sheets and such LINEN
Something to fight for CAUSE
Something to look up to SKY
Spot for a stay COLLAR
Suggested IMPLICIT
Surfing tool REMOTE
Target of chin-ups LAT
Teed off DROVE
Victor at Gettysburg MEADE
Where trapeze artists get together MIDAIR
Whirlpool brand AMANA