Wall Street Journal – Apr 23 2018 – Tuning In

Clues Answers
‘I need ___’ (tired comment) ANAP
‘The Blacklist’ org FBI
‘The King and I’ heroine ANNA
‘Where there’s ___, there’s…’ AWILL
1950s torch song made popular by Julie London CRYMEARIVER
A quantity of SOME
Altar’s place APSE
Anvil setting, and what the long song titles have in common MIDDLEEAR
Bag-screening org TSA
Bamboo-munching mammal PANDA
Bar order SHOT
Become fuzzy BLUR
Big name in swimwear SPEEDO
Bit of smoke WISP
Bob Seger song heard in Chevy truck ads LIKEAROCK
Bullring cheer OLE
Bumpkin YOKEL
China’s Chou ___ ENLAI
Complete failure FIASCO
Confiscated TOOK
Drug smuggler’s unit KILO
Eagle’s attack SWOOP
Exasperate IRK
Fairly shared PRORATA
Fashionably dated RETRO
Foot part INCH
Give free tickets to COMP
High-level execs VEEPS
Hit for Harry Belafonte DAYO
Hit for the Spinners later covered by Hall & Oates ILLBEAROUND
Island visited by the Bounty TAHITI
Israeli submachine guns UZIS
Khrushchev’s country: Abbr USSR
Less common RARER
Like some dental floss WAXY
Make blank ERASE
Clues Answers
Milwaukee player BREWER
Miniature racer SLOTCAR
Modern marketplace EBAY
Nevada city RENO
Not fooled by ONTO
Ocean motion EBB
On the double FAST
Open slightly AJAR
Pear variety named for a region of France ANJOU
Period of history ERA
Pessimistic pal of Winnie-the-Pooh EEYORE
Pint in a pub ALE
Place to retreat DEN
Point a finger at ACCUSE
Points for a field goal THREE
Praise enthusiastically EXTOL
Ranch crew HANDS
Really amazes FLOORS
Relaxed ATEASE
Responds to the alarm WAKES
Smell ODOR
Software buyer USER
Song sung by Tevye in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ IFIWEREARICHMAN
Store event SALE
Submit, as payment SENDIN
Sung by a group CHORAL
Top-notch AONE
USMC no-show AWOL
Wallower in Africa HIPPO
Washed out PALE
Water, in Paris EAU
Way off AFAR
What many campaigners sling MUD
X-ray units RADS
You can run it up and pick it up TAB
Young fella BUCKO
___ Lama DALAI

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