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Wall Street Journal – Apr 23 2020 – Record Breaking – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Are you really annoyed that I did that?” HATEME
“Fantasia” ballerinas HIPPOS
2003 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor winner TOMLIN
Analysis concern EGO
Be decisive OPT
Bespectacled “Today” regular ROKER
Biz study ECON
Bodily dividers SEPTA
BP acquisition of 1998 AMOCO
Breaking the fourth wall, e.g META
Buoyed up AFLOAT
Comes to light ARISES
Court divider NET
Covered wagon pullers OXEN
Cricket, e.g TEAMSPORT
Earth tones TANS
Either of two on a sundress SPAGHETTIST
Element named from the Greek for “lazy” ARGON
Engage in very risky behavior TEONTHINICE
Fourth-yr. group SRS
Frequent co-star of Powell LOY
How critical tasks should be performed SOONEST
I might stand for it ONE
Industry event EXPO
Inner space ROOM
It may be cured by an application of salt HAM
Its flag features the Sol de Mayo ARGENTINA
Japanese battle cry BANZAI
Legume spherique POIS
Lasting power LEGS
Lens cover EYELID
Letter before Quebec PAPA
Literary foe of British imperialism CAPTAINN
Little auk SEADOVE
Make out, in Manchester SNOG
Make public, as an indictment UNSEAL
Member of the nobility BARON
Needs some cheering up MOPES
Nicaragua nights NOCHES
Nursery school bunch TOTS
Old bomb PETARD
Once known as NEE
Organ view, of a sort CTSCAN
Period of l’orbita della Terra ANNO
Physicist Mach ERNST
Pretend to be POSEAS
Prevent from practicing DISBAR
Price-fixing organization CARTEL
Pro orgs ASSNS
Record genre EMO, RAP, SKA, POP
Record label? MOST
Repair bill line PARTS
Setting of Smyrna and Ephesus IONIA
Settings of some WWI fighting in Flanders PYFIELDS
Singer of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” at Barack’s inauguration ARETHA
Subsidize PROPUP
Suffer AIL
Sultan Qaboos University setting OMAN
Tequila source AGAVE
Theda of silent films BARA
Tony winner as Eva PerĂ³n LUPONE
Trigonometry topic ANGLE
Two-time Triple Crown winner ARCARO
Typical calendar’s pages DOZEN
Unvarying existence RUT
Varnish applications COATS
Workers removed from the kitchen ANTS
Xerox and Kleenex, e.g.: Abbr TMS