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Wall Street Journal – Apr 24 2018 – Air Play

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Clues Answers
‘Holy moly!’ MAN
‘Seems likely to me’ IDBET
‘Time ___ My Side’ (Rolling Stones hit) ISON
‘What ___!’ (‘I’m bored!’) ADRAG
*Baseball blooper DYINGQUAIL
*Feathered flyer that’s sliced and shot SHUTTLECOCK
*Olympic trap shooting target CLAYPIGEON
*Quarterback’s wobbling pass WOUNDEDDUCK
*Shutout score GOOSEEGG
15-time NBA All-Star ONEAL
65-Across, in Guadalajara TIO
Baseball pioneer Doubleday ABNER
Bedrock for Spock LOGIC
Beefy breed ANGUS
Blue Bell competitor EDYS
Blue hue AQUA
Broadcast SENT
Broadcast TRANSMIT
Brooks Robinson’s position THIRD
Came down a mountain SKIED
City on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula NOME
Coastal view OCEAN
Country between Ghana and Benin TOGO
Devil ray MANTA
Diamond scores RUNS
Didn’t just text CALLED
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Dunham of ‘Girls’ LENA
Easily identified ICONIC
Eating for two, informally PREGGO
Either Burr or Hamilton, in July 1804 DUELIST
Electric autos from Nissan LEAFS
Fighting birds, or an apt description for the starred answers GAMEFOWL
Followed directions OBEYED
Freudian focus EGO
Furious feeling IRE
Horse operas OATERS
Clues Answers
Hunt and peck, say TYPE
Insurance co. workers AGTS
Interest group turning 60 this year AARP
Kindling candidate TWIG
Lawn coating DEW
Lollygags IDLES
Long-haired terrier breed SKYE
Male admirer BEAU
Marine predator ORCA
Means of striking a balance? PAYMENT
Meet face-to-face? KISS
Member of the family UNCLE
Move like a penguin WADDLE
Not new USED
One way to settle a debt INCASH
Opposition expression NAY
Penniless NEEDY
Port of Honshu OSAKA
Prepare for a vacation PACK
Prepares for a drive TEESUP
Put in a snug spot TUCKED
Put your feet up UNWIND
Quaint phone feature DIAL
Saturate, in dialect SOG
Sault ___ Marie STE
Second smallest state, after R.I DEL
Serengeti grazer GNU
Sharon of ‘The Talk’ OSBOURNE
Successor to the Atlantic Hwy USONE
Sustained popularity, informally LEGS
Took point LED
Vancouver player CANUCK
Voice from the choir loft ALTO
Whirl of water or smoke EDDY
Word to help you get the picture CHEESE
___ and Span (cleaner brand) SPIC
___ du Diable ILE