Wall Street Journal – Apr 25 2018 – Sure Think

Clues Answers
‘Anna & ___ Frozen Playground’ (Lego set) ELSAS
‘Like that’ll ever happen!’ ASIF
‘Starpeace’ artist ONO
‘You should know better’ TSKTSK
Angled pipe ELL
Base fellow? INFIELDER
Bean in space ALAN
Biblical Promised Land CANAAN
Blues legend Mahal TAJ
Bring in EARN
Casual eatery CAFE
Change course sharply ZAG
Chaotic skirmish MELEE
Chaotic skirmishes BRAWLS
Check the price of SCAN
Coal carrier, perhaps SCOW
Comic Martha and country singer Collin RAYES
Conundrum ENIGMA
Cravings YENS
Creed ISM
Disputed peninsula CRIMEA
Downhearted LOW
Enemy of Saruman the White ENT
False friend USER
Financial institution catering to geniuses? WHIZBANK
Flock holders PEWS
Forest home DEN
Forgo frugality SPEND
Funny feeling NOTION
Galley tool OAR
Galoot OAF
Gasp, say REACT
Group of judges at a male beauty pageant? HUNKJURY
Hissy SNIT
Intense quality EDGE
It might be fishy ODOR
It’s like a diamond in the sky KITE
Justice seated beside Samuel ELENA
Leaves for a drink TEA
Clues Answers
Lockup that never changes? STATICCLINK
Newscast wrap-up RECAP
One not from around here ALIEN
Oppressive burdens YOKES
Pack of sheets REAM
Pay a stud fee? ANTEUP
Prepares for the fair FATTENS
Pronto ASAP
Quatre saisons ANNEE
Range whose name means ‘gold mountain’ in Mongolian ALTAI
Relaxing bath SOAK
Resistor units OHMS
Sci-fi zap that leaves victims reeking? STINKRAY
Scrapbooker’s tool HOLEPUNCH
Section of a flirting etiquette book? WINKTIPS
See 12-Down ORE
Shape of a tepee CONE
Show place THIRD
Site for a chilly reception? WEDDINGRINK
Sleek, in brand names AERO
Sounds from roller coaster riders SHRIEKS
Spots for some buds EARS
Start a second crop RESOW
Stewart’s ‘The Daily Show’ successor NOAH
Stirs up ROILS
Stylin’ HIP
Superdome team SAINTS
Target of many March for Our Lives signs NRA
The other guys FOE
Throw into the dugout, say ERR
Toss in ADD
University of central New York COLGATE
Vault settings APSES
Who once went by NEE
Winter Olympian Chris Mazdzer, e.g LUGER
With 16-Across, Mesabi Range resource IRON
Workout unit REP
___ polloi HOI

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