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Wall Street Journal – Apr 25 2020 – Eyeholes – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“…unless I’m mistaken” ORNOT
“Alas!” SOSAD
“In Stiller Nacht” composer BRAHMS
“Sounds plausible” ISUPPOSESO
“Sure, count me in!” IMGAME
“The Premature Burial” writer POE
“Typical!” CLASSIC
Adam’s apple location EDEN
Addams Family nickname TISH
Alarm clock toggle AMPM
Ankle bones TARSI
Answer to a general question? NOSIR
AOC, e.g DEM
Approach nonchalantly EASEUPTO
Be in harmony JIBE
Beats Electronics co-founder DRE
Before long, in poetry ANON
Bender with a cap KNEE
Beyond what’s expected MORESO
Bit of wit QUIP
Bothersome bunkmate SNORER
Bracket shapes ELLS
Brake part DISC
Brand pitched by Bucky Beaver IPANA
Bristly brand ORALB
Broken-up British label EMI
C and D, in D.C STS
Catch a wave SURF
City of west Texas ODESSA
Clarification intro IMEAN
Color in Charlotte Hornets jerseys TEAL
Comedian Nick KROLL
Dating word ANNO
Debarking announcement ALLORE
Driving need LICENSE
Element #33 ARSENIC
Engage in a screaming match GOATIT
Face difficulty Getinajam
Felix Salten’s Bambi, e.g ROEDEER
Fellows, maybe GRADUATUDENTS
Fleece and then some ROBBLIND
Football Hall of Famer Dickerson ERIC
Forehead obscurer BANGS
French mathematician/astronomer LAPLACE
Garr of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” TERI
Gift that may contain a GIF ECARD
Gillette razor blade brand SENSXCEL
Having a key TONAL
He outwits Gollum BILBO
Hells Gate State Park location IDAHO
Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins from 1967 to 2010 CIVICNA
Hospital sticker HYPO
Hunting partner of Artemis ORION
Icarus’s capital? IOTA
Ignore the alarm, perhaps LIEINBED
Indy unit LAP
Inflexible instructor’s ultimatum DOTHISLSE
It comes straight from the hearth ASH
It holds water LEVEE
It’s bad to the bone BREAK
It’s on the house SHINGLE
It’s seriously souped up RACECNGINE
Jerry’s partner BEN
Kate McKinnon’s show, familiarly SNL
Key of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 2 DMAJ
Kin of atmo- AER
Labourites’ opponents TORIES
Landlords’ collections RENTS
Led Zeppelin’s “Whole ___ Love” LOTTA
Life form BEING
Like much chatter IDLE
Like one ODD
Like the earliest Beatles recordings MONO
Maker of the Model X TESLA
Mint family plant LAVENDER
Much-loved star IDOL
Nasdaq counterpart AMEX
Off-season air fare? RERUN
Omaha Beach craft, for short LST
On the docket SLATED
Order from on high EDICT
Participant in the Serengeti’s “great migration” GNU
Patch up MEND
Pay public respect to HONOR
Pelvis part SACRUM
Person who brings people together UNIFIER
Pharmacy concern DOSE
Physicist with a namesake law OHM
Place for plates SINK
Post-it alternative? MENTALNOTE
Preparing onions, say DICING
Present in court ARGUE
Prime minister born in Allahabad NEHRU
Pulls in NETS
Put up with ABIDE
Quickly-cooked fare MINUTEAKS
Raven-colored EBON
Recurrent theme TROPE
Redheaded girl of kiddie lit PIPPI
Roast insert SPIT
Rocks ICE
Sci-fi gangster JABBEHUTT
Signs of stress? ACCENTS
Slack-jawed yokel on “The Simpsons” CLETUS
Smithereens PIECES
Snake alternative DRANO
Soccer megastar Lionel MESSI
Soldier’s “brain bucket” COMBELMET
Some Rodins NUDES
Staple of Hawaiian cuisine POI
Stat for Jacob deGrom ERA
Surname in Thimble Theatre comics OYL
Text message button SEND
The two of them BOTH
Their columns are slanted OPEDPAGES
They may be taken with grains of salt TEQUILOTS
They often have busy hands SHIPS
Thunder Bay’s prov ONT
Tool in photo apps LASSO
Traveler’s stop INN
Unoccupied FREE
Upstate New York univ RIT
Urges to attack SICSON
Velvet rope disregarder VIP
Walk-off homer inning, typically NINTH
Walt Frazier nickname CLYDE
Wee energy source ATOM
What upscale goods have SNOBAPPEAL
Wipe out ERASE
With plenty to spare AMPLY
Wrap up END
Yoga system HATHA
___ Paese (Italian cheese) BEL
___ to go (eager, informally) RARIN