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Wall Street Journal – Apr 27 2020 – Vacation Club – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Huh?” WHAT
“See ya!” SAYONARA
“Sleepless in Seattle” director Ephron NORA
911 responder, for short EMT
Accompanying WITH
Basketball’s Bryant KOBE
Beanie or beret CAP
Big furniture retailer IKEA
Bring up, or what you can bring up REAR
Casual greetings YOS
Cave sound ECHO
Charged particles IONS
City section WARD
Clothing closers ZIPPERS
Coin in the Trevi Fountain EURO
Competitive personality TYPEA
Cooking competition on Bravo TOPCHEF
Cow chow HAY
Drink on a vacation? HOLIDAYSPIRIT
Exam for a future M.D MCAT
Feudal laborer SERF
First person ADAM
Fixed mental attitude MINDSET
Fully appease SATE
Galoot LUNK
Harsh noise RASP
Head to a bar, say GOOUT
Home to over four billion ASIA
Hosp. section ICU
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Intending to, informally GONNA
Is for you? ARE
Item passed in a pre-Olympics relay TORCH
Jedi foes SITH
Lightbulb unit WATT
Limerick people, for example IRISH
Little demon IMP
Nest item EGG
Not invite, say SNUB
One of the Starks on “Game of Thrones” ARYA
One to stick it to THEMAN
Ordered, quaintly BADE
Orpheus played one LYRE
Parking pro VALET
Partner of crafts ARTS
Pitiful porridge GRUEL
Pizzazz ZEST
Plant part LEAF
Possesses HAS
Psyche parts EGOS
Rainbow shapes ARCS
Really long cold spell ICEAGE
Reason for a vacation? GETAWAYDRIVER
Recipe direction STIR
Reveal some juicy details SPILL
Rushed HASTY
Sedan or SUV AUTO
Sings like the Swiss YODELS
Small island for a vacation? ESCAPEKEY
Some business conducted under the table? FOOTSIE
Some itinerary details, for short ETAS
Sounds from the flock BAAS
Sounds while wagging a finger TSKS
Source of whoppers LIAR
Speed down a mountain SKI
Submit a paperless return EFILE
Take a breather REST
Taxi alternative UBER
Tears RIPS
Telegrams from a vacation? TRIPWIRES
They’re often under fire ASHES
Try to win over WOO
Umpire’s call SAFE
Uncommonly cruel SADISTIC
Wagon train’s heading WEST
Words before a date on a package BESTBY
Words of disapproval BOOHISS
___ Angeles LOS