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Wall Street Journal – Apr 28 2018 – A Little Off the Top

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Clues Answers
‘Grazie’ reply PREGO
‘I regret to inform you…’ SADLY
‘It floats’ soap brand IVORY
‘May I speak?’ AHEM
‘Nightline’ creator Arledge ROONE
‘___ Amore’ THATS
‘___ jungle out there!’ ITSA
1970 song from the Kinks LOLA
1982 film set inside a computer TRON
24 hours in Beijing? BADAIRDAY
72-Down attendees MEN
Absolution seeker SINNER
Alien-seeking program, for short SETI
An eternity, seemingly AGES
Apple device CORER
Article of faith TENET
Assert to be the case AVER
Attend homecoming REUNE
Automaker Ferrari ENZO
Bankroll WAD
Be hopping mad BOIL
Bearded ruminants GNUS
Belly dancer’s moves GYRATIONS
Big brass TUBAS
Botticelli subject VENUS
Branding expert RANCHER
Brewer’s supply YEAST
Brownstone hangout STOOP
Bushy dos AFROS
Butter squares PATS
Bygone Chevy NOVA
Cartoonist Browne DIK
Caterer’s pot URN
Civil wrong TORT
Clearheaded SOBER
Clinch ICE
Coach, say EDUCATE
Cobb of ‘On the Waterfront’ LEEJ
Colony member ANT
Computer game followed by Riven MYST
Conceal, in a way PALM
Contractor hired for a building addition? ELLRAISER
Convention center events EXPOS
Countesses’ husbands EARLS
Cryptic ARCANE
Cut off END
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Dance for wedding attendees HORA
Deep ravine GULCH
Descriptor for an antique shop’s inventory? OLDEVERYTHING
Doolittle, whose speech patterns can be heard in this puzzle’s theme answers ELIZA
Edith Piaf, notably CHANTEUSE
Emmy category DRAMA
Exemplary IDEAL
Father of 109-Across ADAM
Fencing with wooden swords KENDO
First name in courtroom literature ERLE
Fit for sainthood HOLY
Forgets to mention OMITS
Gives in RELENTS
Go along with ACCEDETO
Go green? ENVY
Goofs in proofs ERRATA
Have a list LEAN
Hinder EMBAR
Home wreckers, of sorts TORNADOS
Home, informally CRIB
Honshu honorific SAN
It gives you an edge STROP
Key of Pachelbel’s Canon: Abbr DMAJ
Clues Answers
Le Cordon Bleu seasonings SELS
Letter after Whiskey XRAY
Like some shutouts ONEHIT
Like towelettes MOIST
Lou of Fox Business DOBBS
LPs, informally VINYL
Mao follower? TSE
Martini’s partner ROSSI
Max Build-Up Remover brand DRANO
Miss identification? SHE
More exorbitant STEEPER
Move through the mud SLOG
Movie outtake? SHOOTINGOOPS
Mystery discovery CORPSE
Natural talents BENTS
No longer hung up on a masked man? OVERTHEUMP
Noggin PATE
Not straight CURVY
Oil city of west Texas ODESSA
Olympic warrior ARES
Order antithesis CHAOS
Out to get AFTER
Paces in races TROTS
Pansy Yokum’s boy ABNER
Parachute material NYLON
Parental gift GENE
Pitt or Penn, e.g STAR
Player for 68-Down PHONO
Poison ivy and poison oak? FORESTILLS
Posterior BUTT
Presently ANON
Quaint copier MIMEO
Raga master Shankar RAVI
Reddish-brown shade RUST
Remind repeatedly NAG
Remorseful person RUER
Result of a slow night at the tattoo parlor? NOARMDONE
Ricer or dicer GADGET
Roll-on alternative AEROSOL
Romanov refusal NYET
School for French teens LYCEE
Share doubler SPLIT
Shout of discovery AHA
Shout to Silver HIYO
Singer DiFranco ANI
Son of 77-Down ABEL
Steamed state IRE
Stilt, e.g SHOREBIRD
Subterranean NETHER
Suffers with sibilants LISPS
Tar, e.g GOO
They come with strings attached HARPS
Thus far YET
Tobacco-curing kilns OASTS
Took a load off SAT
Transvaal settlers BOERS
Traveling company TROUPE
UFO crew ETS
Unscrewing dir CCW
Untouched area EDEN
Vamp setting SHOE
Viral phenomenon MEME
Wearer of la corona REY
Wedding eve event STAGPARTY
Went undercover? SLEPT
Whichever ANY
Wolves, perhaps OGLERS
You could make a habit of it CLOTH