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Wall Street Journal – Apr 28 2020 – Double Down – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Ho-hum” MEH
“Time’s Arrow” author Martin AMIS
“Told you so!” IKNEWIT
“Too big to fail” insurance co AIG
All-Star Game starter, often ACE
Amass, as a bar bill RUNUP
Architect I.M PEI
Baby with immediate siblings TRIPLET
Bears or Bulls TEAM
Business card no TEL
Business suit accessory TIE
Capital of the Treasure State HELENA
Capitol Hill positions SEATS
Cares for TENDS
City of southern Idaho, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme TWINFALLS
Crispy cookie SNAP
Cuddly bear TEDDY
Curl up with a sweetheart SNUGGLE
Customer service feature online CHATWINDOW
Deride, slangily HATEON
Earthquake line FAULT
Emotional wound SCAR
Fill fully SATE
Film and theater, e.g ARTS
Guard dog’s restraint CHAIN
Heart charts, for short ECGS
History book chapter ERA
Hockey position RIGHTWING
Hole in a needle EYE
Jam used in Sacher torte APRICOT
Jessica of “The Illusionist” BIEL
Language of los mexicanos ESPANOL
Layers of nail polish COATS
Legal order WRIT
Letter after upsilon PHI
Like some scratch-off tickets INSTANTWIN
Make a comeback, as a band might REUNITE
Meme critter who “can has cheezburger” LOLCAT
Microbrewery brew ALE
Milano of “Charmed” ALYSSA
Offer to a hitchhiker GETIN
Olympic skater Midori ITO
One in a big house? CON
Outstanding STELLAR
Paper towel layer PLY
Peloponnesian War victor SPARTA
Polish off EAT
Port-au-Prince’s nation HAITI
Pound pests FLEAS
Prefix meaning “four” TETRA
Responds to reveille WAKES
Roll of cash WAD
Sangria’s cousin FRUITWINE
Seize suddenly GRAB
Send packing AXE
Send packing FIRE
Show interruptions ADS
Sighed, say EXHALED
Skip over, as a vowel ELIDE
Skips over OMITS
Sleep study focus APNEA
Small songbird WREN
Speaks hoarsely RASPS
Springtime meltdowns THAWS
Sputtering sound PFFT
Subway guide MAP
Sugar cane cutting tool MACHETE
Sushi bar drink TEA
Tennis star Nadal RAFAEL
Tense EDGY
Thai or Chinese ASIAN
Trials and tribulations WOES
Ugly duckling, eventually SWAN
Vegan protein source SOY
Winter expense HEATING