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Wall Street Journal – Apr 29 2020 – Redistributed Middles – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Chill out!” RELAX
“Ici on ___ fran├žais” PARLE
“It’s the truth!” TRUSTME
“You’ve got a deal!” IMSOLD
Absolute nadir ROCKBOTTOM
Air alternative RAIL
Bakery draw AROMA
Be a partner in crime ABET
Be just begging to be slugged ASKFORIT
Bedside convenience ALARMCLOCK
Big diamond ACE
Bleak landscapes MOORS
Boastful claim IRULE
Certain something AURA
City where the Ohio flows into the Mississippi CAIRO
Common insecticide ingredient BORON
Corner key ESC
Customer base makeup PATRONS
Doesn’t stiff TIPS
Dosage unit PILL
Drying Asian sea ARAL
Eton enrollees BOYS
Explosive sound KABOOM
Extremely ULTRA
Feedbag fare OATS
Fling CAST
Fondness cause, proverbially ABSENCE
Forbidden monkey business? BONOBONONO
Fragment BIT
Glaswegian, e.g SCOT
Glenn Frey hit “The Heat ___” ISON
Green prefix ECO
Hitch SNAG
Inspector of British mysteries MORSE
Iowa State home AMES
K.C.-to-Des Moines direction NNE
Last of the Stuarts ANNE
Latin love AMOR
Ledger entry DEBIT
Like some social history ORAL
Luxury cars on the Autobahn BMWS
Lyft competitor UBER
Mottled citrus hybrid UGLI
Narrative TALE
Noisy bird MACAW
Obvious hide-and-seek option CLOSET
Offer more than OUTBID
One carried Sinbad to safety ROC
Org. with wands TSA
Particular points LOCI
Pedant’s discovery NIT
Phone playback MESSAGE
Picnic protector, maybe TARP
Pointedly ignore SNUB
Pour oil over ANOINT
Punctual ONTIME
Returns from a store PROFITS
Run without haste TROT
Sch. in northern Manhattan CCNY
Scratches (out) EKES
Seam makeup ORE
Self-congratulatory cry TADA
Shoelace problem KNOT
Sister of Aurora LUNA
Site of extraterrestrial experimentation SPACELAB
Skaters’ feats AXELS
Sub system SONAR
Superior sort SNOB
Translate a Pixar film? DECODECOCO
Treacherous Venetian IAGO
Turn on an axis SLUE
URL punctuation DOT
Viral GIF of the “Night of the Living Dead” director? ROMEROMEME
Went down fast SLID
Woman with a garden full of heirloom plants? TOMATOMAMA
___ sci (college course) POLI