Wall Street Journal – Apr 3 2018 – Touchy Topic

Clues Answers
‘Blech!’ UGH
‘Bull’s-eye!’ DIRECTHIT
‘Fathers and Sons’ novelist Turgenev IVAN
‘For ___ a jolly good fellow’ HES
‘Gather your belongings!’ PACKUP
‘Platoon’ setting VIETNAM
‘That’s it for me’ IMDONE
‘Well, now…’ LETSSEE
‘You’re ___ one, Mr. Grinch’ AMEAN
*Counterpart of a guy-cry film CHICKFLICK
*Make like a miser PENNYPINCH
*Mockumentary rock band SPINALTAP
*Scrape against, as a parked car SIDESWIPE
41-Down downloads APPS
Airfare add-on FEE
Babe, for one PIG
Bigger butte MESA
Cafe con ___ LECHE
Campaign creator ADAGENCY
Cardinals, on scoreboards STL
Compliment on the court NICESHOT
Dandy dude FOP
Data throughput measure BITRATE
Device used with the actions at the ends of the starred answers IPHONE
Drink with omakase SAKE
Fashion designer Raf SIMONS
Fleur-de-___ LYS
Frank McCourt’s follow-up to ‘Angela’s Ashes’ TIS
George Eliot’s ‘Adam ___’ BEDE
Japanese horseradish WASABI
Jeff Sessions and his predecessors: Abbr AGS
JFK guesses ETAS
Jim who played Gomer Pyle NABORS
John Steed’s partner on ‘The Avengers’ EMMAPEEL
Like Colorforms pieces DIECUT
Literary ‘before’ ERE
Long-odds bet TRIFECTA
Clues Answers
Long-plumed waders EGRETS
Lose it SNAP
Make more balanced EVENUP
Med. school course ANAT
Mouth, in slang TRAP
One in the red DEBTOR
Parts of hearts ATRIA
Potential weapon for Professor Plum ROPE
Puts in stitches SEWS
Radiate EMIT
Refusals NOS
Revue segment SKIT
River to the Rio Grande PECOS
Roughly equal ONAPAR
Set of tools KIT
Site of a famous Indian sight AGRA
Small protuberance NUB
Song section VERSE
Stockyard sights PENS
Stone and Stallone SLYS
Stylish SMART
Test taken lying down MRISCAN
The Golden State, familiarly CALI
Theft from a temple, say SACRILEGE
They get into hot water TEABAGS
Tin that inspired the Frisbee PIEPAN
Torah language HEBREW
Toward the rudder AFT
Train stops: Abbr STNS
Uncouth fellow APE
Uncouth fellow LOUT
Unwilling to budge ADAMANT
Warm sweater material FLEECE
Water channel with a gate SLUICE
Water-collecting pit SUMP
XXXVIth prime number CLI

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