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Wall Street Journal – Apr 30 2020 – A Look Inside – Puzzle Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Peace out!” IMOFF
“Straight Outta Compton” group NWA
“This can’t be good” UHOH
“___ My Home” (Billy Joel song) YOURE
2003 Australian Open champion AGASSI
Attached with twine TIEDON
Be bold DARE
Behavioral quirk TIC
Best Picture winner from France THEARTIST
Big brand in home automation NEST
Bollywood base MUMBAI
Brand with Poppin’ Lemonade, Boppin’ Strawberry and Orange Lavaburst varieties HIC
Charged atom ION
Cheerful tune LILT
Coastal concavities COVES
Comedy Central’s “Awkwafina Is ___ From Queens” NORA
Continent W. of 35-Across EUR
Continental dividers URALS
Essential structures exemplified by this puzzle’s circled words INTERNALORGANS
File extension for some hi-res images TIF
Filmy fabrics GOSSAMERS
Fragrant accessory LEI
Fragrant Vietnamese soup PHO
Garment for Ginsburg ROBE
Gender-neutral pronoun THEY
Heats to near boiling SCALDS
Held on desperately CLUNG
Honest LEGIT
Hoot GAS
Hurled SLUNG
Insertion symbols CARETS
Jam band from Vermont PHISH
Key for canceling ESC
Layer that contains the theme answers SKIN
Line holder REEL
Linking together, as oxen YOKING
Lounge in the light BASK
Makes cuts SHEARS
Market aids CARTS
MLB bigwigs MGRS
Native of Muscat OMANI
Not having a supporting role? ANTI
Now and again? TWICE
Opposite of interred EXHUMED
Pain ___ (French toast, in France) PERDU
Petunia, for example PIG
Powerless people? AMISH
Present time, informally XMAS
Recommandation du sommelier VIN
Reindeer in “Frozen” SVEN
Shepherd formerly of “The View” SHERRI
Shock jock format LIVERADIO
Smell strongly REEK
Sneakily includes, perhaps BCCS
Some lawn mowers DEERES
Spring’s opposite, in tides NEAP
T-shirt option VNECK
Tanning element UVRAY
Temporary health coverage between jobs COBRAINSURANCE
That WNBA player SHE
The shakes, colloquially DTS
Total, e.g CEREAL
Track runner, to a tot CHOOCHOO
Well-delivered insult BURN
Wetland wader HERON
Word often mispunctuated ITS
Wrap name SARAN
___ Club (Walmart offshoot) SAMS