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Wall Street Journal – Apr 4 2018 – Payment Terms

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Clues Answers
‘Bee-ba-da-di-bah-da-bam!’ in a jazz club, e.g SCAT
‘See ya!’ TATA
About a third of all land ASIA
Alkaline solution LYE
Attack SETON
Attendee GOER
Carry-on spot BIN
Charles Foster Kane never forgot his SLED
Chasing AFTER
City once known as Christiania OSLO
Classic gas ESSO
Cologne’s water RHINE
Combat playfully SPAR
Company’s wares LINE
Continental coin EURO
Cries weakly MEWLS
Crush in a can SODA
Debate topic ISSUE
Designer of some of Mata Hari’s costumes ERTE
Director Clair RENE
Embarrassing outburst SCENE
Emulate Adam Rippon ICESKATE
Emulate Mikaela Shiffrin SKI
Euphonium’s cousin TUBA
Facility EASE
Fan’s favorite IDOL
Fireplace fuel LOG
Gene’s ‘Young Frankenstein’ co-star TERI
Get rid of, as a hangover SLEEPOFF
GI address letters APO
Gp. founded in Baghdad OPEC
Hanging on every word RAPT
Height, in combinations ACRO
High point APEX
How astronauts are paid? PERMISSION
How church architects are paid? PERSPIRE
How e-cigarette vendors are paid? PERFUME
How mattress salespeople are paid? PERSIMMONS
Clues Answers
How poets are paid? PERVERSE
How tax accountants are paid? PERFORM
Impediment for Hannibal ALPS
Imprecise LOOSE
Intro Spanish word ESTA
Like some coffees and teas FLAVORED
Lomond, e.g LOCH
Manual reader USER
Milk choice SKIM
Motionless STILL
Nike pattern TREAD
Pantomime character PIERROT
Part of a bomber name ENOLA
Patagonia prowler PUMA
Penn or Pitt ACTOR
Put out EMIT
Quaint, in store names OLDE
Qualification to a texter’s claim IMHO
Ready for publication EDIT
Reddish brown RUST
Results of some split decisions? EXES
Retreat LAIR
Russian refusal NYET
Second-deepest U.S. lake TAHOE
Shade alternative DRAPES
Sizable geol. features MTS
Small talk? WHISPER
Some tablets PILLS
Spanish spouse SENORA
Steamed snack TAMALE
Swimmer Thorpe IAN
Tablet reading EMAIL
Textbook section UNIT
The ones right here THESE
They play with the deer ANTELOPE
They’re fed with praise EGOS
Throne room address SIRE
Throw in ADD
Willow in Buckingham Palace, e.g CORGI