Wall Street Journal – Apr 5 2018 – Take a Break!

Clues Answers
‘Twelfth Night’ countess OLIVIA
Admission ACCESS
Agitation ADO
Balanchine specialty MODERNBALL
Because INTHAT
Bow’s husband on ‘Black-ish’ DRE
Brit’s boob tube TELLY
Brunch option CHEESEOMEL
Buffett’s base OMAHA
Bunches ALOT
Capital on the Mediterranean coast TRIPOLI
Captain born in France in 2305 PICARD
Cold desert GOBI
Colombian coin PESO
Cut corners SKIMP
Dazzling designs OPART
Delicacy TACT
Don Draper and his co-workers ADMEN
Duke of video games NUKEM
Electra’s brother ORESTES
Fair attraction RIDE
Four-time Outstanding Drama Emmy winner LALAW
Frank DOG
Frank’s third wife MIA
Gamblers’ giveaways TELLS
Germane APT
Grain used to make the flatbread rotla INDIANMILL
Hacker, of a sort AXE
He had gilt feelings MIDAS
Hide worker TANNER
Hold up ROB
Holds out OFFERS
Hopkins of ‘Gimme a Break!’ TELMA
How many stumble to bed WEARILY
Johnny Cash’s ‘___ Named Sue’ ABOY
Clues Answers
Keep in check CURB
Lavalava wearer SAMOAN
Like AB negative, among blood types RAREST
Macaw protagonist of 2011’s ‘Rio’ BLU
Maker of candy wafers NECCO
Messy room STY
Mother with a Peace Prize TERESA
Movies, informally PIX
Night notes TAPS
Nile slitherer ASP
Not napping AWAKE
Old message TELEX
Old Tokyo EDO
One shot in a bar DART
Palmer with an army ARNIE
Pandora released them EVILS
Part of Fred Flintstone’s yell DABBA
Personnel chief, at times FIRER
Piscine ‘Pinocchio’ character CLEO
Preparatory periods EVES
Resigned oneself to an unpleasant task BITTHEBULL
Sad state WOE
Sara Roosevelt’s maiden name DELANO
Seneca, e.g ROMAN
Sentence units YEARS
Service address SIR
Spot for blocks TOYBOX
Staggering AREEL
Stave off AVERT
System of belief CREED
Take a break, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme LETUP
The ends of the earth POLES
They take courses PLATES
Titans cornerback Jackson ADOREE
Turnoff, perhaps EXIT
Whale chow KRILL
___ out (didn’t get on) FLIED

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