Wall Street Journal – Apr 5 2022 – “Bo Ties” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Casablanca” heroine ILSA
“Farewell, mon ami” ADIEU
“Good going!” NICE
“r u srs?!” OMG
“To thine own ___ be true” SELF
“Zounds!” EGAD
“___ Kapital” DAS
2019 World Series champs NATS
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Amiss OFF
Apiary insect BEE
Ariana DeBose’s role in 2021’s “West Side Story” ANITA
Arp’s art DADA
Author buried near Thoreau and Hawthorne ALCOTT
Auto blemishes DENTS
Backpack loaded for an emergency GOBAG
Bathed from below, in a way UPLIT
Bill Nye subj SCI
Blooper GAFFE
Boater’s obstacle SANDBAR
Boxing prize BELT
Call at the plate OUT
Carp in some ponds KOI
Charges FEES
Chip away at ERODE
City grocery stores that sell Impressionist works? DEGASBODEGAS
Clinic worker NURSE
Collapsed FELL
Common port type USB
Covid-19, slangily RONA
Creole veggie OKRA
Deflect PARRY
Dodgy division of a city? ROUGHBOROUGH
Dress part decorated with game equipment? DICEBODICE
Drop a line? FISH
Egyptian fertility goddess ISIS
Feature of a bowling ball or a recorder THUMBHOLE
Fun, for short REC
It carries a small charge ION
Jordan’s capital AMMAN
Lauder of lipstick ESTEE
Letter after 54-Across OMEGA
Letter before 49-Down PSI
Life sentences? OBIT
Like the Marx Brothers MADCAP
Long-running CBS drama NCIS
Maker of TravelMate laptops ACER
Need for Snead TEE
Number near an APR MSRP
Oasis fruits DATES
Onion, for one BULB
Open-source operating system with a penguin mascot LINUX
Organized for mass mailing PRESORTED
Otherwise ELSE
Party swag LOOT
Patron saint of sailors ELMO
Placed, as a bet LAID
Possible apartment rental policy NOPETS
Prepare for print EDIT
Provinces REGIONS
She, in Cherbourg ELLE
Shout before the weekend TGIF
Sister channel of Showtime TMC
Slow Churned ice cream brand EDYS
Sports figures STATS
Starfleet’s Deanna Troi, for one EMPATH
Start of a Cologne count EINS
Symbol of resistance FIST
Takes a break RESTS
Thai currency BAHT
The White Stripes and the Black Keys, e.g DUOS
They have bit parts DRILLS
Tom Joad working the races? OKIEBOOKIE
Underlying meaning SUBTEXT
Wall of a garden maze HEDGE

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