Wall Street Journal – Apr 6 2022 – “This Puzzle’s Title Contains Six Words” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Born a Crime” author Trevor NOAH
“Dragon Ball” genre ANIME
“Gack!” DOH
“Here am I, your special island” show tune BALIHAI
“Wheel of Fortune” turn SPIN
“Your point being?” AND
American, to a Brit YANK
Australia has six STATES
Ball of wax, so to speak SHEBANG
Big party BASH
Bikers’ rides HOGS
Blast of air GUST
Browning site OVEN
Buffet dispenser URN
Caramel-chocolate confection ROLO
Ceremonial noisemaker GONG
Chinese zodiac sign between pig and ox RAT
Chutzpah NERVE
Conceivably PERHAPS
Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, by birth SOMALI
Curry on the court STEPH
Defending a lead AHEAD
Demand from the impatient NOW
Distinctive quality AURA
Doc for a vertigo sufferer ENT
Emphatic affirmation YESIDO
Figure whose colon might be part of his face? EMOTICON
Goal for a DH RBI
Greek M&M? MUS
Hanoi’s home ASIA
Highway hassle TIEUP
Hit bottom? SPANK
Hit resulting from a pitch, maybe MOVIE
Hostile party ENEMY
In real trouble UPACREEK
Its underside is a soffit EAVE
Leander’s love HERO
Like a misty graveyard EERIE
Mint product COIN
Mustang or Pinto AUTO
Needle point? NORTH
No spring chicken OLDSTER
Not going to be played by ONTO
Not sharp MILD
Oil paint buys TUBES
Org. that filed for bankruptcy in 2021 NRA
Party time, maybe EVE
Perform a farrier’s task RESHOE
Posthaste ASAP
Pro’s shooter SLR
Profound DEEP
Put through a sieve, perhaps RICED
Result of betting against the house? LIEN
Rock climber, at times VINE
Root for the chef BEET
Sailors’ spirits GROG
Second-largest city in the Arab world BAGHDAD
Secures, as a win ICES
Snarky response to an unwanted suggestion DIDIASK
Spoken ORAL
Station in Saskatoon ESSO
The slightest amount ONEBIT
They generate buzz BEES
Timeline sections ERAS
Type of ear or sanctum INNER
Unmoored, maybe ASEA
Verboten actions DONTS
What 17-Across contains TENLETTERS
What 27-Across contains FIVEVOWELS
What 46-Across contains NINECONSONANTS
What 60-Across contains THREESYLLABLES
When many a merger is announced MONDAY
Where do you get off? STOP
Word with bump or boom BABY
___-Manuel Miranda LIN

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