Wall Street Journal – Apr 7 2018 – Chewing the Scenery

Clues Answers
‘It’d be my pleasure!’ GLADTO
‘Off the Court’ autobiographer ASHE
‘Oklahoma!’ aunt ELLER
‘On the Waterfront’ director Kazan ELIA
‘The Crucible’ setting SALEM
‘___ live and breathe!’ ASI
1980s First Family REAGANS
1998 Tony-winning comedy ART
Abounds TEEMS
Accolades PRAISE
Act the itinerant ROAM
Alexander Calder creation STABILE
Badger persistently RIDE
Balkan Wars participant SERB
Belle’s love BEAST
Bellowed CRIED
Between jobs IDLE
Bloke CHAP
Bolshevik’s foe TSARIST
Boss Tweed mocker NAST
Bow on screen CLARA
Bring in EARN
Brownish green HAZEL
Brownish purple PUCE
Bundle of energy DYNAMO
Chimp’s cousin ORANG
Chinese path TAO
Choose not to participate OPTOUT
City of northern France LILLE
Classify ASSORT
Code-cracking org NSA
Colonel’s charge REGIMENT
Contending VYING
Creative Christian DIOR
Dictators rely on them STENOS
Didn’t own, maybe LEASED
Emissions-monitoring org EPA
Encino neighbor RESEDA
Energy drink additive GINSENG
English network, informally, with ‘the’ BEEB
Exploit FEAT
Fat unit GRAM
Feeder visitor SPARROW
Few and far between SCARCE
Fiber source BRAN
Fight site ARENA
Fit nicely MESH
Flow stopper DAM
Fodder crop CLOVER
Forgoes a ceremony ELOPES
Fosdick’s creator CAPP
Frosty coating HOAR
Gas leak indicator ODOR
Genesis ONSET
Greek goddess of the moon SELENE
Grinning measure? EARTOEAR
High-elev. spots MTNS
Imitation FAUX
Instrument for the Masses ORGAN
It comes from the heart ARTERY
It’s often underfoot INSOLE
Justice Fortas ABE
Least appropriate for the youngsters RACIEST
Lennon’s love ONO
Lets go AXES
Levels RAZES
Clues Answers
Loses it SNAPS
Make straight ALIGN
Maker of Xperia smartphones SONY
Mimicked APED
Move smoothly GLIDE
Moved with stealth CREPT
Neighborhood between Broadway and the Bowery NOHO
Nothing more than MERE
Occupied, as a desk SATAT
Old atlas abbr USSR
Overstimulated WIRED
Paid spots ADS
Painter’s base coat GESSO
Peer of the theater GYNT
Piece-keeping org NRA
Postsurgical program, briefly REHAB
Powell’s frequent co-star LOY
Powerful engine VTEN
President, at times VETOER
Prez after Harry IKE
Pricey STEEP
Radical 1960s org SDS
Reach across SPAN
Ready for drawing ONTAP
Recent arrival NEWBORN
Reminiscent of LIKE
Rick’s love in ‘Casablanca’ ILSA
Ring award BELT
Rising setting EAST
Rival of ancient Persia IONIA
Role for Hitchcock CAMEO
Rose garden pest APHID
Scientific truths LAWS
Secretary of state between Madeleine and Condoleezza COLIN
Setting setting WEST
Sharpen WHET
Shortly, to Shakespeare ANON
Sorority letter THETA
Sound right after a knockout punch THUD
Spot for a thumb drive USBPORT
Spots for mufflers NECKS
Sticks POKES
Surgery aids CLAMPS
The actor in the wartime drama had a lot of ___ BATTLELINES
The actor portraying a lowly GI made a ___ PRIVATEENTRANCE
The actor starred as twins in the ___ DOUBLEPLAY
The actors in the fast-moving drama used ___ TURBOPROPS
The actors portraying pro athletes made up the ___ SPORTSCAST
The actors with insignificant roles complained about their ___ SPAREPARTS
The mischievous actor winked at the audience and delivered an ___ ALLKIDDINGASIDE
The semiretired actor was appearing on his ___ FINALSTAGES
Theater fixtures SEATS
They may use pilots STOVES
Tough question POSER
Travel kit gizmo ADAPTER
Trendy diet PALEO
Tyrannical HARSH
Tyrol’s setting ALPS
Unmatched ODD
Visibly upset TEARY
Wild hurry MADRUSH
Writer Horatio ALGER
Yarn for youngsters FAIRYTALE
Yellowfin tuna AHI
Young ___ (tots) UNS
___ Park (Edison base) MENLO

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