Wall Street Journal – Apr 7 2022 – “Crunch Time” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
#1 hit for Starship in 1986 SARA
“Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven” writer MILTON
“Hostel” director Roth ELI
“More or less” ISH
“Place de la Concorde” painter DEGAS
“___ Money Makes a Man” (old English ballad) TIS
“___ you’re told!” DOAS
About even (with) ONAPAR
American Federation of Teachers president Weingarten RANDI
Answer from a knocker ITSME
Arby’s logo feature HAT
As a chaperone, say ALONG
Asteroid studied by a 1990s probe EROS
Autumnal equinox mo SEP
Basis for some vaccines RNA
Begins a brawl GETSITON
Called for liniment ACHED
Company headquarters, perhaps FORT
Con men? ANTIS
Copier tray abbr LTR
Corona’s kin HALO
Corrida cry OLE
Crunch cousin, and a feature of four answers in this puzzle SITUP
Cry from downfield IMOPEN
Dangerous thing to tempt FATE
Devastating 2017 hurricane IRMA
Dresses down CHIDES
E-commerce help feature CHAT
Elba of “Luther” IDRIS
Enterprise initials USS
Excalibur’s holder STONE
Fall ad verb ELECT
Familiar KNOWN
Fish hawk OSPREY
Goes from green to red, perhaps RIPENS
Grande with Grammys ARIANA
Hanks’s four-time co-star RYAN
Having a key TONAL
Hobbyist, say NONPRO
Huarache or waraji SANDAL
Hurdled, in Hereford LEAPT
Ill-humored MOROSE
In the, in Italian NEI
Issa of “Insecure” RAE
Knitted nursery item BOOTIE
LaBelle in the Apollo Theater’s Legends Hall of Fame PATTI
Labour and Conservative, e.g OPPOSIONPARTIES
Larynx part GLOTTIS
Lawn coating DEW
Like many a bully ALLTALK
Metal source ORE
Minuscule amount MITE
Nap sack BED
Objectives ENDS
Palm with purple berries ACAI
Park City powder SNOW
Perceptual quintet SENSES
Phone fillers APPS
Predatory insect MANTIS
Publisher on a 1976 postage stamp OCHS
Roosevelt in NYC, e.g ISL
Running ratite EMU
Sartre, Singer or Solzhenitsyn NOBELIST
Seizes NABS
Seriously injure MAIM
Singer Stefani GWEN
Takes a hatchet to HEWS
Target of refinement OIL
Ted who portrayed Isaac on “The Love Boat” LANGE
Tokyo-born peace activist ONO
Uber alternative MASSTRANS
Unappealing gruel SLOP
Vulnerable to a takeover bid INPLAY
X, at times TEN

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