Wall Street Journal – Apr 9 2022 – “Tee for Too” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Buss It” rapper Banks ERICA
“Hold on ___!” ASEC
“Michael Clayton” writer-director Tony GILROY
“Middlemarch” author ELIOT
“Quite so!” EXACTLY
“Seven Days ___” (1964 Burt Lancaster/Kirk Douglas movie) INMAY
“Well, that’s obvious!” NODUH
“What a shame!” HOWSAD
1815 novel set in Highbury, England EMMA
60 minutos HORA
Aerosmith guitarist JOEPERRY
Analyze in detail DISSECT
Anjou agreement OUI
Arbitrary people, in slang RANDOS
Avenger with a hammer THOR
Ball, say DANCE
Band signer LABEL
Bank job HEIST
Basalt, originally LAVA
Baseball, informally HORSEHIDE
Biol., chem., geol., etc SCIS
Bit of bickering SPAT
Bob’s eldest child on “Bob’s Burgers” TINA
Bobby of the Bruins ORR
Boot reinforcement TOECAP
Builder’s extension ELL
Bunker material SAND
Businesswoman Lauder ESTEE
Canadian Tire Centre team SENATORS
Candelabra with nine branches MENORAHS
Capital of Campania NAPLES
Citi Field team METS
Close END
Colombian currency PESO
Contact list’s ancestor ROLODEX
Coop collection EGGS
Course at Gallaudet Univ ASL
Course org PGA
Covent Garden offering OPERA
Cry of disbelief ITCANTBE
Do something ACT
Electrical capacitance units FARADS
Elementary lesson THEABCS
Enjoyed a run SKIED
Entree accompaniers at an all-dairy diner? CHEESESIDES
Fields of cookies MRS
Filled with suspense TAUT
Fixed, as a loose lace RETIED
Foolish fellow TWIT
Frodo’s friend SAM
Fuss ADO
German city on the Danube ULM
Grand in scale EPIC
Greedy desire MORE
Hanukkah pancakes LATKES
Harry, e.g PRINCE
Hit for the Kinks LOLA
Honda model for 50 years CIVIC
Informer RAT
Insipid entertainment PAP
Invite ASK
It drops in conservative times HEMLINE
It might cause you to shake DEAL
James in the Blues Hall of Fame ETTA
John, Paul or George SAINT
Lacking a key ATONAL
Land heavily PLOP
Last of 26 ZEE
Lazy sort IDLER
Linen item in an Istanbul inn? TURKEYSHEET
Luau fare POI
Maltese money EURO
Many a Justice Dept. staffer ATTY
Margarita makers squeeze them LIMES
Mel in Cooperstown OTT
Miles away AFAR
Nick and Nora’s pet ASTA
NYPD alert APB
Ominous question in “Marathon Man” ISITSAFE
One-eyed “Futurama” character LEELA
Outdo TOP
Pandemonium BEDLAM
Paper pack REAM
Part of a forest-themed carousel? REVOLVINGDEER
Passed, as a proposition ADOPTED
Peacock’s pride PLUMAGE
Perjury, e.g LIES
Pitchfork wielder DEVIL
Polo, for the aristocracy? PEERSPORT
Pontiac in a 1964 song GTO
Practice penitence ATONE
Prepares for company CLEANS
Proton’s place ATOM
Puff some pot TOKE
Put away STORE
Railroad COERCE
Roll for wrappers TAPE
Rum mixer COKE
Running track? MEETPOINT
Rush job letters ASAP
Sail’s support SPAR
Sculpture in an avian-themed art installation? STEELPIGEON
Short solo ARIETTA
Short-billed auk SEADOVE
Should, informally OUGHTA
Siete días SEMANA
Signal to enter CUE
Silvery metallic element YTTERBIUM
Small river’s indignant assertion? IAMNOTACREEK
Soccer’s “Black Pearl” PELE
Solemn ceremony RITE
Some IRA investments CDS
Some Swiss watches OMEGAS
Souk shopper ARAB
Spotlight hogs EGOISTS
Sun. follower MON
Tart baked good LEMONBAR
Tart purveyors PIEMEN
Took back REWON
Tool for giving roosters boosters? CHICKENNEEDLE
Transcript no GPA
Trash from a banana eater on the bay? SWIMMINGPEEL
Tropicana Field team RAYS
Truck stop sight SEMI
Understand GET
Unrestrained indulgence SPREE
USN rank ENS
Valley in Ventura County SIMI
Vanishing salutation DEARSIR
Wagner’s “___ Rheingold” DAS
Warning of high pollen levels? SNEEZEALARM
Where some people kick back DOJO
Wide-brimmed hats PANAMAS
Word often accompanying a spinning wheel icon LOADING
Workers with tongs ICEMEN
Yule quaff NOG
___ Soleil (Louis XIV nickname) LEROI

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