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Wall Street Journal – April 2 2019 – How Sweet It Is

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Clues Answers
‘Cabaret’ cabaret KITKATKLUB
‘How’s it goin’?’ WHATUP
‘I didn’t need the details,’ briefly TMI
‘In ___ of’ (replacing) LIEU
‘Shark Tank’ network ABC
Alphabetically first book of the Old Testament AMOS
Ancient Mexican AZTEC
Arab League member YEMEN
Architect’s plan BLUEPRINT
As well as PLUS
Author Asimov ISAAC
Ballerina’s wear TUTU
Bic buy PEN
Blissful place EDEN
Borscht vegetable BEET
Brings to a close ENDS
Came down to earth ALIT
Catch sight of ESPY
Chipotle offering TACO
Clickable address URL
Corp. bigwigs VPS
Crockett’s partner on ‘Miami Vice’ TUBBS
Declared SAID
Disco light STROBE
Economic coalition with Canada, France, Germany and four other countries GSEVEN
Elton John’s ‘You ____ Love Someone’ GOTTA
Engineering sch. in Troy RPI
Essential KEY
Extremely ULTRA
Facial treatments at spas PEELS
False alarms SCARES
Followers of the Pied Piper RATS
Former ‘Tonight Show’ host LENO
Fruit drink from Coca-Cola HIC
Gateway Arch architect Saarinen EERO
Gin mixer TONIC
Honor with playful insults ROAST
Humble reply to a compliment ITRY
It’s a long story SAGA
Japanese soup MISO
Like freeways LANED
Like some salsas CHUNKYSTYLE
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Made a sound like a hound BAYED
Massage RUB
Material used in poolrooms and schoolrooms CHALK
Mex. neighbor USA
Nick of ‘Lorenzo’s Oil’ NOLTE
Nickname of Hall of Famer Durocher LEOTHELIP
North Korea’s leader KIM
NYC subway line since 1904 IRT
Oscar winner as the Joker HEATHLEDGER
Paper cuts? EDITS
Patella’s place KNEE
Pet store purchase CATLITTER
Play a role ACT
Quarterback Michael VICK
Restaurant calculation TIP
School in Worcester, Massachusetts CLARKUNIVERSITY
Some macaroni ELBOWS
Stinker BADEGG
Tax prep experts CPAS
Tetra- doubled OCTA
The Duchess of York SARAH
Thesaurus offering: Abbr SYN
They might be frozen ASSETS
Time long past YORE
Tire pattern TREAD
Usurious offering from a place with a ‘Checks Cashed’ sign PAYDAYLOAN
Vichyssoise vegetable LEEK
Winner’s take, at times ALL
___-relief BAS
___-Tikki-Tavi (Kipling mongoose) RIKKI