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Wall Street Journal – April 24 2019 – Stop Bugging Me!

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Clues Answers
‘Deck the Halls’ contraction TIS
‘There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance’ speaker OPHELIA
Anatomical pouch SAC
Audibly omit ELIDE
Bitter medicinal herb RUE
Board game based on pachisi SORRY
Bribes SOPS
Card game akin to crazy eights UNO
Character from Scandinavia RUNE
Coffee break treat DONUT
Convened MET
Dentist’s directive SPIT
Dictionary abbr SYN
Do a mailroom job SORT
Do some research READUP
Drill inserts BITS
Exclusive seating LOGE
Exploits PREYSON
Far from ruddy PALE
Fix at a predetermined level PEG
Forging site SMITHY
Get ready to drive TEEUP
Go on a spree, maybe SHOP
Hammer and anvil, e.g BONES
Harder to look at UGLIER
Hardly enthusiastic TEPID
Hold forth ORATE
Homer’s hangout MOES
Inflame ANGER
John Ford’s four OSCARS
Lessen ABATE
Like some cavities NASAL
Long-armed ape ORANG
Made petty criticisms SNIPED
Man named in many suits? ARMANI
Mitchell’s husband on ‘Modern Family’ CAM
Modern pentathlete’s need EPEE
Mother of Donald Jr IVANA
Moves with caution EDGES
Not drawn for a fight SHEATHED
Not fulfilled, as promises UNKEPT
Nouveau ___ RICHE
Novelist Seton ANYA
Nuisance at a haberdashery? SERGEANTS
Nuisance at a phone store? APPROACHES
Nuisance at a POW camp? STALAGMITES
Nuisance in an orchard? APPLEBEES
Nuisance on the range? CHAPSTICKS
Open placement SEED
Petty officer on a merchant ship BOSUN
Possible answer to ‘Where are you?’ OUTHERE
Practical people REALISTS
Prefix with 7-Down OVI
Release into the bloodstream, say SECRETE
Right, in a way RESET
Roofing material TIN
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure ADAM
Starting point EDEN
Stat for Sosa RBI
Stirrup spot EAR
Straw hat BOATER
Subway fare HERO
Takes a course? EATS
The Weisshorn, e.g ALP
Touch ABUT
U.S. opponent in the Ryder Cup EUR
Unkind look SNEER
Waiting period, seemingly EON
Was deeply hurtful STUNG
Where il Parlamento convenes ROMA
Where the Storting convenes OSLO
White House souvenir PEN