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Wall Street Journal – April 29 2019 – Cutting Edge

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Clues Answers
‘Bus Stop’ playwright INGE
‘I have no bid’ PASS
‘Spamalot’ writer ERICIDLE
‘The same’ DITTO
2003 Kenny Chesney song BIGSTAR
Addition column TENS
Alternative to suspenders BELT
Apple Store machines MACS
Asia’s ___ Sea ARAL
Bit of trickery RUSE
Bloggable, say BUZZWORTHY
Branch of Buddhism ZEN
Breaks away (from) SECEDES
Casual tops TEES
Choir singers ALTOS
Chronic complainers NAGS
Concert-in-the-park site BANDSTAND
Crow cry CAW
Defame in print LIBEL
Despite that HOWEVER
Earl Grey or oolong TEA
Fine fabric SATIN
Fireplace bit ASH
First person ADAM
Foot part TOE
Friendly nation ALLY
Gambling city RENO
Gilbert and Sullivan creation OPERETTA
Golfer ___ Stewart PAYNE
Granola grain OAT
Great delight GLEE
Hall of Fame infielder Rod CAREW
Hankering URGE
Has a bite EATS
Haunted house resident GHOST
Have a common boundary with ABUT
It may be hard to break OLDHABIT
Klutzy entrances TRIPS
Knew in advance, and a hint to parts of 17- and 61-Across and 10- and 35-Down FORESAW
Knowing AWARE
Leather-piercing tool AWL
Like a sleeping bag ready for storage ROLLEDUP
Line on a check DATE
Lobster part CLAW
Loft location BARN
Made tracks RAN
Make ecstatic ELATE
Manual reader USER
Mi or ti NOTE
Mouse-spotting scream EEK
Notion IDEA
One ___ million INA
Orderly universe COSMOS
Palm off (on) FOIST
Paper collectibles EPHEMERA
Plague BESET
Prehistoric cat SABERTOOTH
Prison work group CHAINGANG
Psychic communicator TELEPATH
Psychic skill ESP
Ram’s mate EWE
Remove the skin of PARE
Several Norwegian kings OLAVS
Sign after Cancer LEO
Snack NOSH
Snare TRAP
Stick in a nest TWIG
Still alive in a paintball battle UNHIT
Summer, in Martinique ETE
Taxing org IRS
Tense EDGY
Words of comprehension ISEE
You can get down from it DUCK
Zero NIL