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Clues Answers
‘Ben-___’ HUR
‘Curses!’ DRAT
‘Great’ 128-Across PETERI
‘I am fortune’s fool!’ POORME
‘I’m Real’ singer, familiarly JLO
‘Iliad’ adviser NESTOR
‘It’s just a scratch’ IMFINE
‘Tik Tok’ singer KESHA
‘Yeah…ain’t gonna happen’ UMNO
‘___ a Liar’ (Bee Gees song) HES
*’Exactly! You get me!’ THATSWHAT
*Container ships’ business MARITI
*Device for measuring X-rays QUANT
*Having two or more legislative representatives MULTI
*Lighthearted chamber orchestra pieces DIVERT
*Nostalgic sort SENT
2003 Will Ferrell film ELF
A/C measure BTU
Actor Ken or Lena OLIN
Adoptee at Green Gables ANNE
Aerobic workout, informally CARDIO
Angry hisser CAT
Animal research center BIOLAB
Ariel’s father Triton, e.g MERMAN
As required, with ‘if’ NEEDBE
Average MEAN
Baltic native LETT
Baseball Hall of Famer Ralph KINER
Bay Area gridders NINERS
Be decisive OPT
Beat, old-style POMMELED
Bete ___ NOIRE
Big oaf LUMMOX
Bone-dry ARID
Brand once touted as ‘The Freshmaker’ MENTOS
British landscape painter TURNER
Chopper part ROTOR
Chunnel train EUROSTAR
Coincide, inconveniently CLASH
Company that ran talking baby ads ETRADE
Completely INTOTO
Confession, for example RITE
Crude storage units OILTANKS
Dadaist Max ERNST
Deface MAR
Department store section MENS
Derivative lit FANFIC
Director Kazan ELIA
DuVernay who directed a 2018 adaptation of 70-Across AVA
Emphatic yes in Yucatan SISI
Erstwhile in-flight amenity MEAL
Exam for MBA hopefuls GMAT
Fatty salt OLEATE
Feature of the Maine flag PINETREE
Fork-tailed seabird TERN
Former Mexican president Enrique Pena ___ NIETO
Garfield’s middle name ABRAM
Get going INITIATE
Good name for a worrier? STU
Grilling spots PATIOS
Grist for market researchers DATA
Hart’s mate HIND
Hill heard on the Hill in 1991 ANITA
Immoderation EXCESS
Indigenous Mexican OTOMI
Indonesian president from 1968 to 1998 SUHARTO
Infestation defenses ANTTRAPS
Inflexible SET
Ingredient in tekkamaki sushi TUNA
Insignificant MINOR
Intl. commerce group WTO
It can run high during hostilities WARDEBT
Jazz players, for example NBAERS
Johnson of ‘Laugh-In’ ARTE
Join for another collaboration RETEAM
Just a single EVENONE
Language in which ‘crossword’ is ‘krzyowka’ POLISH
Laura of ‘Big Little Lies’ DERN
Look out BEWARE
Malcolm X’s faith ISLAM
Many a plains mammal GRAZER
Mathematician Galois EVARISTE
Mercifulness LENITY
Month of printemps MAI
Moonwalk, e.g DANCEMOVE
Motionless part of a dynamo STATOR
Networking can net them INS
Old flame? EMBER
Oscar nominee for ‘Tootsie’ TERIGARR
PC problem VIRUS
Perps’ patterns, briefly MOS
Poetic rhythm METER
Popeye creator E.C SEGAR
Pricey seating selection LOGE
Rational SANE
Ready to accelerate INGEAR
Rejections NOS
Relating to flight technology AVIONIC
Return thrusts RIPOSTES
Rich soil LOAM
Rock layers STRATA
Romantic rendezvous TRYST
Russell of ‘Felicity’ KERI
See 84-Down TSAR
Series starter OPENER
Seriously hurts MAIMS
Sinclair contemporary ESSO
Soccer champ Hamm MIA
Sol-do connectors LATI
Sorry state WOE
Stand up to RESIST
State known for its tea ASSAM
Strength of character SPINE
Strong wine of Greece RETSINA
Supermarket section DELI
Take a little bit from, as savings DIPINTO
Tape buy ROLL
Tarantino title character DJANGO
They may be dressed for dinner SALADS
Thin and wriggly EELLIKE
Thrusting weapon EPEE
Touchdown predecessor DESCENT
Transplant, as a plant REROOT
Triage spots, for short ERS
Unappealing bowlfuls GRUELS
Victoria’s husband ALBERT
Web-footed mammals OTTERS
Went around SPUN
With ‘A,’ classic science fantasy novel, and a feature of the theme answers WRINKLEINTIME
Wood-shaping tool ADZE
Words on permanent-press garments NOIRON
Works on walls ART
Wrongful act TORT
Zebra or donkey EQUINE