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Wall Street Journal – April 9 2019 – Capiche?

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Clues Answers
‘What am ___ getting?’ INOT
2005 Clooney-Damon film SYRIANA
A foot has five NAILS
Author Lessing DORIS
Behind RUMP
Binge target SERIES
Cane yield SUGAR
Capital founded by Pizarro LIMA
Cassini Crater setting MARS
Colon components DOTS
Commotions ADOS
Conditions IFS
Congresswoman Ilhan ___ OMAR
Duck down EIDER
Easily irritated TESTY
Fabricated MADEUP
Farrier’s tool RASP
Feathery clouds CIRRI
Fit for service ONEA
Flight feature STEP
Flow slowly SEEP
Foot warmers WOOLSOCKS
Form-fitting SNUG
Fortune’s partner FAME
Galled IRKED
Gambler’s stake ANTE
Goalie’s gear PADS
God of love AMOR
HomePod answerer SIRI
Indecisive finish TIE
Intimations HINTS
Joe Cocker’s ‘You ___ Beautiful’ ARESO
Kensington Gardens carriage PRAM
Lab assistant of filmdom IGOR
Lake bordering four states ERIE
Laundromat tumblers DRYERS
Lemur or gorilla PRIMATE
Like some supplements DIETARY
Lingering smells ODORS
Marsh plant SEDGE
Name said with a sneer by Snape POTTER
Negotiator’s asset TACT
Off-color LEWD
Ore vein LODE
Outback runner EMU
Party decorations STREAMERS
Potential flower girl NIECE
Present time? NOEL
Prime minister called ‘Pandit’ NEHRU
Projectionist’s unit REEL
Question that might be answered by 18- or 61-Across or 3- or 30-Down GOTIT
Serious suffering AGONY
Skiers hit them SLOPES
Smart thermostat brand NEST
Social outcast PARIAH
Soothsayer SEER
Start of a counting rhyme EENIE
Steers clear of SHUNS
Stinging insect WASP
Stripe-shirted, bespectacled fellow of picture books WALDO
Sweet cocktail SLING
Teahouse treat SCONE
Thatcher’s creation ROOF
They’ll give you a hand DEALERS
Tomato used in tomato sauce ROMA
Tomlin’s ‘Grace and Frankie’ co-star FONDA
Turn of phrase IDIOM
Weary state ENNUI
Will party HEIR
William Tell’s forte AIM