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Wall Street Journal – Aug 1 2018 – Manimals

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Clues Answers
‘I was sure that would happen!’ KNEWIT
‘Softest clothing wooly bright,’ to William Blake? LAMBCOAT
Alert from the LAPD APB
Ape who’s mastered the art of the deal? BARGAININGCHIMP
Assist the driver, in a way NAVIGATE
Barber creation OPERA
BBs, e.g AMMO
Bejeweled toppers TIARAS
Bit of advice TIP
Broke down WEPT
Brush alternative ROLLER
Caddie’s suggestion IRON
Cardi B’s field RAP
Chicken source EGG
Classic British two-seaters MGS
Corsage need PIN
Counter offer SODA
Desire HOPE
Domestic refuge DEN
Durango dwelling CASA
Dynasty founded by Zhu Yuanzhang MING
Eminent NOTED
Evian, for one RESORT
Fish trying to lose that embarrassing reddish tinge? TANNINGSALMON
Fits snugly NESTS
Forgo modesty BRAG
Fragrant accessory LEI
From Russ., before 1991 SOV
Gaping mouth MAW
George W. Bush’s CIA head Porter ___ GOSS
Govt. agency concerned with dangerous things ATF
Hi-def buy LCDTV
Hunter who threatened to kill every animal in the world ORION
Identify NAME
Inconsiderate fellow JERK
Inserted, as a movie scene EDITEDIN
Item with a supporting role BRA
Clues Answers
Kerosene lamp parts WICKS
Lean on, in a way BLACKMAIL
Makes pricier, in a way BIDSUP
Med. sch. course ANAT
Mete out ALLOT
More, in Mexico MAS
Morse click DIT
Move suddenly DART
Offered as clarification ADDED
Org. for 7-Down NBA
Palindromic pop group ABBA
Place for playing ARCADE
Plane fare? SNACKS
Popular scooter VESPA
Port on the Arabian Peninsula ADEN
Prof’s address ender EDU
Proposes as a price ASKS
Remote button REC
Rodent gang? MICEPACK
Roof overhang EAVE
Scissors beater ROCK
Senators’ org NHL
Service REPAIR
Shooting guard Crawford JAMAL
Solder component TIN
Some architecture firm workers DRAFTSMEN
St. crosser AVE
Tibetan capital LHASA
Torah teacher RABBI
Toy for spring KITE
Toy for winter SLED
Tuneup target MOTOR
Vengeful spirit feared by furriers? INVISIBLEMINK
Web crawlers BOTS
Well-produced stuff OIL
Yogurt drink LASSI
___ Angeles LOS
___ pro nobis ORA
___ the Impaler VLAD