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Wall Street Journal – Aug 10 2020 – Huge Crowd Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Beyond the Sea” singer Bobby DARIN
“Fantastic!” THATSGREAT
“Semper Fi” fighters MARINES
“Told you!” SOTHERE
Bro and sis SIBS
Brooch PIN
Bummed out BLUE
Cargo measures TONS
Choose from the menu ORDER
Coconut tree PALM
Comic bit GAG
Concert crescendo, and what 16-, 24-, 49- and 59-Across all have BIGFINISH
Country east of Turkey ARMENIA
County festival FAIR
Daringly original EDGY
Deluxe hotel offerings SUITES
Elongated fish EEL
Enjoy a paperback READ
Fairy-tale beastie OGRE
Feel under the weather AIL
Film critic Roger EBERT
Floating harbor marker BUOY
Flock member RAM
Flow out EBB
Frame of reference CONTEXT
German denial NEIN
Goal AIM
Hairstylist’s goop GEL
Hockey goalies wear them LEGPADS
Hockey puck shape DISC
Identical to SAMEAS
Idris of “The Dark Tower” ELBA
Kenny G’s instrument SAX
Leave slack-jawed STUN
Like many frat parties RAUCOUS
Lobster eater’s wear BIB
Maker of Frisbees and Hula Hoops WHAMO
Manning with two Super Bowl rings ELI
Most Kuwaitis ARABS
Movie ticket remnants STUBS
Nobelist novelist Bellow SAUL
Number of J tiles in a Scrabble set ONE
Obtained GOT
Passionate about INTO
Pasty luau dish POI
Paul Bunyan’s ox BABE
Permits entry to ADMITS
Person on guard duty SENTRY
Pirate’s beverage GROG
Place for a full-body scrub SPA
Plays on the radio AIRS
Prone to bumbling INEPT
Prosperous period BOOM
Reciprocal, in multiplication INVERSE
River near the Royal Shakespeare Theatre AVON
Ross of the Supremes DIANA
Savings plan for later years: Abbr IRA
Senses of self-importance EGOS
Shed some tears WEPT
Skating surface ICE
Smart-alecky SASSY
Squishy seat BEANBAG
Sucking-up type TOADY
Supermarket section DELI
Tavern selections ALES
Temporary fix STOPGAP
Third Greek letter GAMMA
Took a deep breath INHALED
Twenty-third Greek letter PSI
Under the weather ILL
Uppity person SNOB
Vegetable brand GREENGIANT
Vietnam capital HANOI
ZipRecruiter listings JOBS
Zodiac cat LEO
___ Grande RIO