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Wall Street Journal – Aug 10 2021 – “Winging It” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“At once!” STAT
“Atlas Shrugged” cover forename AYN
“Camelot” composer LOEWE
“Primeval” spot in “Evangeline” FOREST
“That seems illogical to me” IDONTFOLLOW
“Wheel of Fortune” feature since 2019, and a hint to the circled letters TRIPLETOSSUP
“___ Restaurant” (where “you can get anything you want”) ALICES
Arctic, e.g OCEAN
Bargain bin abbr IRR
Be in arrears OWE
Blockhead NINNY
Bolt from Jamaica USAIN
Cases for another, say ABETS
Charlatans FRAUDS
Chemically inactive INERT
Clerical residence MANSE
Coffee shop amenity, often WIFI
Cordial relations AMITY
Curiosity ODDITEM
Deal breaker? NARC
Decree FIAT
Draws to a close ENDS
Expenses for importers TARIFFS
Floor, say AWE
For no good reason IDLY
Gambling mecca near Hong Kong MACAU
Genesis victim ABEL
Hailing from Hong Kong, say ASIAN
Horn of plenty? TUBA
Included in AMONG
Industrious people DOERS
Island in the Aegean Sea IOS
It includes “Wear easily removable shoes” TSACHECKLIST
Joint part BONE
Kobe currency YEN
Like a semi on a mountain road INLOW
Like highlighter colors NEON
Like sea urchins SPINY
Major cruise port MIAMI
Mammoth feature TUSK
Manual consulter USER
Mexican peninsula, for short BAJA
Minute opening PORE
Most dangerous animal, some say HUMAN
Negotiator of the Alaska purchase SEWARD
O.K. Corral lawman EARP
Old Spice competitor AXE
Org. chaired by Ronna McDaniel RNC
Pennsylvania terminus of Interstate 79 ERIE
Place to kick your feet up OTTOMAN
Plaster finish STUCCO
Polish off EAT
Progressive spokesperson FLO
Put right MEND
Radii partners ULNAE
Reclined LAIN
Redundant reply in Roma SISI
See 12-Down GUTHRIE
Shirayaki ingredients EELS
Shot down NIXED
Sign of a sellout SRO
Sounds of hesitancy UHS
Spleen IRE
Super Bowl LIV halftime show moniker JLO
The Beatles’ “Hey Jude/Revolution,” e.g. TWOSIDEDHIT
The popliteal fossa is the hollow at its back KNEE
Took note of HEEDED
Trouble ADO
Warty creature TOAD
Washed out WAN
Water temperature tester TOE
With 23-Across, singer of the song referenced at 6-Down ARLO
Won every game SWEPT