Wall Street Journal – Aug 11 2021 – “Niche Market” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Here and Now” airer NPR
“___ you kidding me?” ARE
Amorphous lump WAD
Amount SUM
Beauty salon where you can also get a quick nosh? LOCKSANDBAGELS
Breakfast joint for vampire slayers? STAKEANDEGGS
Cafeteria that only accepts Swiss currency? FRANCSANDBEANS
Character with feet of clay GUMBY
Cheerful air LILT
Coffee order BLACK
Composer’s creation OPUS
Creature for whom Anguilla is named EEL
Deadline threatener DELAY
Dizzying designs OPART
Do some water witching DOWSE
Dumas novel “La Dame ___ Camélias” AUX
Encouraging prefix for girl or boy ATTA
End of the wedding march ALTAR
End-of-meal request DOGGYBAG
Enjoyed home cooking ATEIN
Fish-bull go-between RAM
Funeral parlor offering Italian fare at its services? BIERANDPIZZA
Furnish a function CATER
Genre with elements of calypso SKA
Gremlins of the 1970s, e.g AMCS
Hostile feeling ANIMUS
Clues Answers
Impromptu performance JAM
Issa of “Insecure” RAE
Lesage’s “Gil ___” BLAS
Like Samsung and Hyundai KOREAN
Like some oaths SOLEMN
Like spokes RADIAL
M.C. Escher print, e.g LITHO
Miner’s vein ORE
Nejd natives SAUDIS
Outstanding OWED
Pacific battle site of 1945, for short IWO
Peter Parker’s aunt MAY
Poetic sphere ORB
Reel’s mate ROD
Reproach oneself for RUE
Senseis’ studios DOJOS
Speak with your hands SIGN
Spot for sows STY
Stuff for a spiked do GEL
Tide target GRIME
Track runner TRAIN
Traipses (about) GADS
Two out of fifty? EFS
Urgent call to the USCG SOS
Uses a scraper on, as a windshield DEICES
Yoga practitioner’s spiritual center CHAKRA
___ voce SOTTO

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