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Wall Street Journal – Aug 13 2018 – Front Loads

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‘Heavens!’ OHDEAR
‘Keen!’ NEATO
‘Like that’s gonna happen!’ ASIF
‘___ no idea!’ IHAD
1960s attorney general, initially RFK
1979 Pro Bowl MVP Rashad AHMAD
Ahead of time EARLY
Artists’ studios ATELIERS
Aztec practice SUNWORSHIP
Belly GUT
Body of moral principles ETHIC
Bread for a Reuben RYE
Caboose’s position REAR
Cannonball result? SPLASH
Chases away SHOOS
Checkout annoyance LINE
Cheeky talk SASS
Christian in the fashion biz DIOR
Clark Kent’s Kryptonian name KALEL
Coastal region of Virginia TIDEWATER
Collections SETS
Cupboard part DOOR
Damage from continuous use WEAR
Dust Bowl figure OKIE
Emphasized, typographically BOLDFACED
Enters again, as data REKEYS
Eye output TEAR
Fabric colorer DYER
Fixed-rate security BOND
Granny’s nickname NANA
Hands over CEDES
Harry Potter’s is shaped like a lightning bolt SCAR
Health insurer being acquired by CVS Health AETNA
Hold on WAIT
Horse’s gait PACE
Informal agreement UHHUH
Join the cast ACT
Laundry needs, and the starts of 17-, 21-, 33-, 42- and 52-Across DETERGENTS
Like some players’ wrists TAPED
Make ___ of (jot down) ANOTE
Nastily disparaging SNIDE
Negotiations figure OFFER
Number before dos UNO
Overly sentimental MUSHY
Paraphrased, say REWORDED
Paris subway METRO
Parody SPOOF
Part of A.D ANNO
Patella’s place KNEE
Pays for a hand ANTES
Pep rally performer CHEERLEADER
Peripheral parts EDGES
Peru’s capital LIMA
Pinnacle ACME
Porpoise’s place OCEAN
Regarding ASTO
Satisfactory OKAY
Shoulder muscle DELT
Shout to a TV camera HIMOM
Small valley DELL
Smokes, slangily CIGS
Some old European lands: Abbr SSRS
Some sneakers NIKES
Soul or Sentra CAR
Spanish national hero ELCID
Squeezing (out) EKING
Sudden seizure of power COUP
Take a breather REST
Target of a 2-Down, in a French phrase ETAT
Top of a wave CREST
Top-notch AONE
Try for a fly SWAT
Tyler Perry’s movie persona MADEA
Zombies and vampires, for example UNDEAD
___ vous plait SIL