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Wall Street Journal – Aug 13 2020 – Form Fitting Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“I’m lukewarm” MEH
“Rodents!” EEK
“Tell me more” PLEASEGOON
“___ Kommissar” (1983 pop hit) DER
2011 Top Ten hit for Lady Gaga JUDAS
A sign from above? CROPC
Aberdonian, e.g SCOT
Alternative to EWR and JFK LGA
Annoying creep JERK
Auntie, to Mom SIS
Betray unhappiness CRY
Big name in country REBA
Bosom buds, briefly BFFS
Capital on the Willamette SALEM
Character who succeeds Lear as king of Britain EDGAR
Club for the sand trap WEDGE
Co-founder of Sears ROEBUCK
Collapsed GAVE
College football powerhouse BAMA
Comb creator BEE
Common sports injury site, briefly ACL
CPR provider EMT
Cupid, e.g DEER
Cutting comment DIG
Cutting comments SNARK
Degreaser’s target GUNK
Draft pick BEER
Draft pick, for short IPA
Drew Barrymore movie subtitled “A Cinderella Story” EVERAFTER
Eager for a massage SORE
Explosive letters TNT
Father of Bran Stark NED
For all that, for short THO
Gets fit, and a literal hint to four answers in this puzzle SHAPESUP
Handful of FEW
Hankering URGE
Harsher, as weather RAWER
He played Doughboy in “Boyz n the Hood” ICEC
Highest-grossing film of 1977 SWARS
Increases in illegality CRIMEWAVES
It may be put on a pedestal ART
It means “ocean” in Mongolian DALAI
Jargon CANT
Jewelry store selections CHAINS
Judge, frequently SENTENCER
Kaley of “The Big Bang Theory” CUOCO
Land in l’eau ILE
Lines at the movies SCRIPT
Logical beginning? NEURO
Mannheim mister HERR
Mediterranean high spot ETNA
Middle-earth race ORCS
MLB pitch measure MPH
Much-anticipated Christopher Nolan film TENET
Not available INUSE
Parking lot hazards CARTS
Performed abominably STUNK
Person from Mersin TURK
Popular DIY site EHOW
Propose as a price ASK
Radio sponsor of “Little Orphan Annie” OTINE
Result ENSUE
Seek the favor of WOO
Site begun as AuctionWeb EBAY
Some hosp. employees LPNS
Teasing tribute ROAST
Term for a dictator LIFE
Thanksgiving dinner drawer AROMA
They run Catalina IMACS
Tots, sarcastically RUGRATS
TV cartoon dog ASTRO
Without accompaniment STAG
Writer/director of 1973’s “Westworld” MICHAELCRICHTON
Writers Greenaway and Chopin KATES
Zoom alternative FACETIME