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Wall Street Journal – Aug 14 2021 – “Lee Sides” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
$260 could get you one in 1925 MODELT
“Ah, got it” ISEE
“Seriously, you don’t have to” NONEED
“The Phantom Tollbooth” protagonist MILO
“Treasure Island” author’s monogram RLS
“Turn up the heat!” BRR
1960 Elvis song “___ of Blues” AMESS
Allen from Connecticut ETHAN
Amused expression GRIN
App’s customers USERBASE
As a result of this HEREAT
Assessments LEVIES
Balderdash ROT
Battleship, in Monopoly TOKEN
Billiards cushion RAIL
Bleach ingredient CHLORINE
Bond bit ATOM
Card game with a banker FARO
Castellaneta who voices Homer Simpson DAN
Chairperson? USHER
Charades players, e.g MIMERS
Cluster GROUP
Coffee extra CREAMER
Color akin to olive AVOCADO
Contrite words IMSORRY
Corn unit EAR
Cruel bunch OGRES
Days long gone, poetically ELD
Derby material FELT
Desperate signal SOS
Door sign MEN
Dreamlike, perhaps SURREAL
Earth-shaking event TREMOR
Elba of “Luther” IDRIS
Electronics component DIODE
Elusive Himalayan YETI
Far from fresh OLD
Fireplace item LOG
Flamboyant wraps BOAS
Floppy tops BERETS
Four-time Australian Open winner AGASSI
Franchise with “Miami,” “NY,” “Cyber” and “Vegas” versions CSI
Free of censorship, in a way UNCUT
Freshens, in a way AIRSOUT
Game with Skip, Reverse and Draw 2 cards UNO
Gators’ kin CROCS
Get closer to GAINON
Grafton’s “___ for Evidence” EIS
Grain grown en route to Ganymede? SPACEBARLEY
Grotesque architectural features GARGOYLES
Hardly ritzy SEEDY
Having homes in California and New York, say BICOASTAL
High on the Scoville scale HOT
Hilarious person RIOT
Hits the hay SLEEPS
Home improvement ADDON
Horse’s cousin ASS
Hosp. workers DRS
House headed by Professor Snape SLYTHERIN
Hunter’s question WHERE
Inclined LIABLE
It began as the Pittsburgh Reduction Company ALCOA
Jaguar’s trunk BOOT
Keith Moon or John Bonham DRUMMER
Kind of radio AMFM
Kleenex competitor PUFFS
Leek relative CHIVE
Lend a hand AID
Lifeboat lowerers DAVITS
Like stadiums TIERED
Like the Dust Bowl DRY
Matt’s “Good Will Hunting” co-writer BEN
Medusa’s slayer PERSEUS
Monomaniacal captain AHAB
Most likely to win ODDSON
Muddy up ROIL
Neptune’s largest moon TRITON
Neumeister Chorales composer BACH
New ___ (former name of Salisbury, England) SARUM
Newbery Medal winners’ works, informally KIDLIT
Nicholas II, e.g TSAR
Noble acts DEEDS
Not many FEW
NYPD title DET
Overtime cause TIE
Pal of Jerry and George ELAINE
Parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme HERB
Peat source BOG
Perfect places UTOPIAS
Performance by a cabaret singer? CLUBMEDLEY
Phone accessory CHARGER
Place to find a mask and pads? ONTHEGOALIE
Poker player’s “bullet” ACE
Prepare for return shipping RELABEL
Prepare Simon for a singing competition? TRAINCARLY
Print units EMS
Put together MADE
Quaintly polite reply YESM
Raiders tight end Waller DARREN
Responsibility for a ship’s steering CONN
Score at the start of a match LOVEALL
Scottish magistrate who’s new on the job? GREENBAILIE
Seized Civic, say REPO
Sheep with soft wool MERINO
Show clearly EVINCE
Showily stylish CHICHI
Silas Marner’s adopted daughter EPPIE
Site of a break POOLTABLE
Some ribbons are acquired at them FAIRS
Spiral-horned antelope ELAND
Stamping ground? LETTER
Stir up AROUSE
Stir-fry staple TOFU
String along LEADON
Strong alloy STEEL
Struggles with balance WOBBLES
Stunt by a cycling sovereign? ROYALWHEELIE
Subsidiary theorem LEMMA
Tad’s dad ABE
Tender BID
They have Xings RRS
Three-time NBA Finals MVP ONEAL
Tiananmen Square honoree MAO
Tipperary singer? IRISHSTOOLIE
Took a break RESTED
Upsilon follows it TAU
Utterance before being shot CHEESE
Vanessa of “Isadora,” “Julia” and “Agatha” REDGRAVE
Very, in Wiesbaden SEHR
Wearer of a white winter coat ERMINE
Wed without ceremony ELOPE
When repeated, name in 1968 news SIRHAN
Wishes one had ENVIES
Writing assignment ESSAY