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Wall Street Journal – Aug 15 2018 – Queueing Up

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Clues Answers
‘American Idol’ rival THEVOICE
‘It’s ___ to the finish’ ARACE
‘My reaction was…’ amongst teens IMLIKE
‘Tally me banana’ song DAYO
‘Thanks, Obama,’ for one MEME
‘Then again…’ to texters OTOH
A + in chemistry? ION
Acct. figures AMTS
Address for a superior SIR
Animated explorer DORA
Applejack sources CIDERS
Bakery enticement AROMA
Band fronted by Morrissey SMITHS
Be lippy? KISS
Big Ten school IOWA
Binary base TWO
Blue hue AQUA
Break apart SUNDER
Brown who was NBA Coach of the Year in 1978 and 2004 HUBIE
Buccaneer’s bounty LOOT
By means of PER
Challenge for a comic HECKLER
Cleanup man’s rewards RBIS
Colleague of Clarence and Sonia RUTH
Contents of city park sandboxes? MUNICIPALQUARTZ
Crop up ARISE
Drifter? SNOW
Echelon TIER
Evildoers in a galaxy far, far away SITH
Exchange of feathers? QUILLSWITCH
Founder’s successor, often SON
Frittata relative QUICHE
Go around ROTATE
Gut-busting HUMOROUS
Hair raiser? GEL
Hardest substance made by the body ENAMEL
Henhouse jitters? LAYERQUAKES
Homer holler DOH
Clues Answers
Hudson River School painter ___ Brown Durand ASHER
Instant oatmeal instruction STIR
Key near 1 ESC
Leave off OMIT
Let loose UNTIE
Lifespan shortener, it’s said STRESS
Move clumsily LUMBER
Needless UNDUE
Needs at customs IDS
Neighborhood AREA
Next year’s alums: Abbr SRS
Nicolas Cage, to Francis Ford Coppola NEPHEW
Older brother of Janet TITO
Outfits EQUIPS
Pahoa party LUAU
Paper in a pot IOU
Parts of a skit show about fussbudgets? QUIBBLESANDBITS
Phoenix hoopsters SUNS
Pod in Creole cuisine OKRA
Precipitated CAUSED
Prepare to shelve, as wine bottles UNCASE
Protein source for vegans QUINOA
Quechua is spoken there PERU
Quick clip VID
Raised railways ELS
Seventh of 24 letters ETA
SkyTeam alliance member KLM
Something taken lying down NAP
Tank filler DIESEL
Tear down RAZE
Think but not know ASSUME
Thurman of ‘Gattaca’ UMA
Toothy tool SAW
Vulgarity RAUNCH
Wiener schnitzel, e.g CUTLET
Wrapped in blankets, say SNUG
X band user RADAR