Wall Street Journal – Aug 16 2018 – Pop-Up Books

Clues Answers
‘If he had been forgotten, it had been as ___ in our great feast’: Lady Macbeth AGAP
‘Pop That ___’ (Isley Brothers song) THANG
‘Way to go!’ NICEMOVE
1951 novel with a phony-spotting narrator THECATCHERINTHE
1960 book written with only 50 different words GREE
60 min DEG
About 5 ml TSP
Alias in a landmark Supreme Court case ROE
Bird with a booming call EMU
Boss on ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ HOGG
Change the length of REHEM
Collectible sheet CEL
Conventional type? DELEGATE
Course material SOD
Cuisine using sriracha THAI
Despite that YET
Discreet email option BCC
Expose BARE
Final forerunner SEMI
Follower’s suffix ITE
Forbidding STERN
Hacking goal ACCESS
Headed for the fence HOT
Hellbender’s cousin NEWT
Hospital area, informally PREOP
In the way depicted ASSHOWN
Jane who stayed at Thornfield Hall EYRE
Knave CUR
Knight caps? HELMS
Leak preventer, of a sort: Abbr NDA
Like many fashion houses MILANESE
Low isle CAY
Mark permanently ETCH
Masada Natl. Pk. setting ISR
Melodramatic music EMO
Middle daughter on ‘The Waltons’ ERIN
Miss living in Mexico, say SENORITA
One lacking originality IMITATOR
Only artist to have a #1 album in every decade since the 1960s STREISAND
Opposite of full NEW
Opposition casting NOVOTE
Outlawed killer DDT
Paul Anka hit ‘___ Beso’ ESO
Polygraph exciter LIE
Posthumously published novel that features a trip to Bath NORTHANGE
Power of classic films TYRONE
Put in order COLLATED
Reason for gaping AWE
Request beginning MAY
Roquefort source EWE
Seller of Rocket-Powered Roller Skates and Female Road-Runner Costumes ACME
Sen. King designation IND
Soprano sister in a Humperdinck opera GRETEL
Sort of forecast ECONOMIC
Stir-fry necessity OIL
Strike with lightning, perhaps SMITE
Struck out DELETED
Stumble ERR
They might be next to nuts WASHERS
Toward the tail AFT
Transistor terminal EMITTER
Undeniable CLEARCUT
Untaxable bit of an inheritance GENE
User of a decorating bag ICER
Visor features SLITS
Welcome symbols OPENDOORS
Wolverine’s cousins OTTERS
Word from Watteau MOT
You might wait for it TIP

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