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Wall Street Journal – Aug 16 2021 – “On the Periphery” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Hey! Over here!” PSST
“Me Talk Pretty One Day” humorist David SEDARIS
“My lips ___ sealed” ARE
“No worries” THATSOK
“Of course!” SURE
“Peer Gynt” composer GRIEG
“The Queen of Cheeses” BRIE
“___ perpetua” (Idaho’s state motto) ESTO
911 responder EMT
Accepted blame OWNEDIT
Alley-___ OOP
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Athletic field makeup SOD
Author of “The Tell-Tale Heart” EDGARALLANPOE
Baker’s dozen EGGS
Bakery buy TART
Baseball cap part VISOR
Big blows GUSTS
Bisected INTWO
Bluegrass instrument FIDDLE
Blundered ERRED
Budget motel chain ECONOLODGE
Building wing ELL
Bustle ADO
Came to a close ENDED
Capital of north Africa TUNIS
Cocoa container MUG
Competed VIED
Concerning ASTO
Costa del ___ (Spanish resort area) SOL
Dorm room fixture DESK
Drops off EBBS
Egyptian fertility goddess ISIS
Family and consumer sciences class, familiarly HOMEEC
First son CAIN
Former senator Feingold RUSS
Friend of Piglet and Eeyore ROO
Get ready, casually PREP
Good judgment SENSE
Graffiti signature TAG
Halloween option TREAT
Hamilton’s last act DUEL
Jiggle dessert GELATIN
Josh who played Thanos in Avengers movies BROLIN
Lacking slack TAUT
Leave off OMIT
Letter that looks like an H ETA
List separator COMMA
Malibu, when it’s hot? STOLENCAR
Mex. neighbor USA
Minecraft building block ORE
Neither follower NOR
Net-grazing serve LET
Not yet in stock ONORDER
Officer trainees CADETS
Opposite of guzzle SIP
Partners of pots PANS
Peripheries, and what 17-, 23- and 53-Across all contain OUTEREDGES
Polar bear’s habitat ARCTIC
Praiseful poem ODE
Racing driver Earnhardt, Sr. or Jr DALE
Roof overhangs EAVES
Self-referential META
Softens MELTS
Speak off the cuff ADLIB
Spot for newsroom opinions EDITORIALPAGE
Symbol of 37-Across BALDEAGLE
The one who got away? ESCAPEE
They’re exchanged at weddings IDOS
Throw water on DOUSE
Thurman of “Pulp Fiction” UMA
Top role LEAD
Transmit SEND
Tropical sorbet flavor GUAVA
Way to go ROUTE
Wheelchair access RAMP
___ Minor (Polaris’s constellation) URSA