Wall Street Journal – Aug 16 2022 – “Going South” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Cheers” barmaid DIANE
“Deal!” AGREED
“I’d rather go naked than wear fur” org PETA
“If you ask me…” in online chat IMHO
“Just let ___!” ITGO
“Krazy ___” (classic comic strip) KAT
Aug. hours DST
Barely earns, with “out” EKES
Batman moniker DARKKNIGHT
Be a stool pigeon SING
Become, ultimately ENDUP
Binary base TWO
Brain product IDEA
Brake’s neighbor GAS
Broadway backgrounds SETS
Climber’s spike PITON
Collectively INALL
Color used on Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms TEAL
Crumble away, and a phonetic hint to six answers in this puzzle DECAY
Family KIN
Festive affair GALA
Flight board posting, for short ETD
Friend, to Flaubert AMI
Gallery owners are part of it ARTSCENE
Gear for goalies PADS
Gillette’s ___ II TRAC
Glossy fabric SATIN
Golf course hazard CREEK
Hitch in haste ELOPE
Kimono sash OBI
Laudatory poems ODES
Less manly, to insecure macho sorts GIRLIER
Like pieces in some museum exhibitions ONLOAN
Like some polyester garments DOUBLEKNIT
Lowdown INFO
Luggage attachments TAGS
Make an attempt TRY
Minor criticisms NITS
New York-based fashion designer DONNAKARAN
Nintendo game that Mario debuted in DONKEYKONG
Nut partner BOLT
Ominous tolling DEATHKNELL
Oscar-winning director Kazan ELIA
Oxen connector YOKE
Packaged prunes brand SUNSWEET
People of Lapland SAMI
Phone answerer SIRI
Pixielike ELFIN
Popular sports betting company DRAFTKINGS
Post-op hosp. areas ICUS
Pound pests FLEAS
Proficient ADEPT
Prove one’s literacy READ
Razz KID
San Francisco Giants manager Kapler GABE
Saturn’s is less than 11 hours DAY
Savory taste UMAMI
Sculpting medium STONE
Seats for services PEWS
Shot rapids, perhaps KAYAKED
Sinking signal SOS
Solar corona AUREOLE
Stick in a schoolbag RULER
Store event SALE
Surrealist Joan MIRO
Tense EDGY
The Police or the Chicks, e.g TRIO
Throw in ADD
Thus far UPTONOW
Unspecified ordinal NTH
Well versed in UPON
Wine region between Turin and Genoa ASTI
Winter driving hazard ICERAIN
Writers Radcliffe and Rule ANNS
Yellow raisin SULTANA

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