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Wall Street Journal – Aug 17 2020 – From the Ground Up Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Doo Wop (That Thing)” singer LAURYNHILL
“Gangnam Style” singer PSY
“Heehaw” utterer ASS
“No Ordinary Love” singer SADE
“The Thin Man” dog ASTA
“Use your inside voice!” SHH
Alaskan city NOME
All-inclusive word EVERY
Alpine rescuers STBERNARDS
Ardent AVID
Bart and Maggie’s sister LISA
Bit of crime scene evidence PRINT
Boyfriends, quaintly SWAINS
Broad comedy with an improbable plot FARCE
Capt.’s subordinate SGT
Communicate TELL
Copy editor’s catches TYPOS
Corn chip brand FRITOS
Denizens of Pacific states WESTERNERS
Didn’t hold back LETFLY
Dough dispensers ATMS
Dr. McCoy’s nickname BONES
Estevez of “The Breakfast Club” EMILIO
Farm flock SHEEP
Filmmaker DuVernay AVA
Financial figure in parentheses LOSS
First name in comedy, talk and game shows ELLEN
Fragrant tropical fruit GUAVA
Full of dirt NEWSY
Gable’s “Gone With the Wind” co-star LEIGH
Game console introduced in 2006 WII
Get bigger GROW
Gushing reviews RAVES
Health ctrs. for service members VAS
Help AID
House of white bricks IGLOO
In need of disinfecting GERMY
Indicator of a dog’s mood TAIL
It may be Roth or traditional IRA
Keats work ODE
Lagoon surrounder ATOLL
Little bit of heat? BTU
Many a Manhattan building HIGHRISE
Middle-distance runner MILER
Mishandle BOTCH
Museum worker GUIDE
Nebraska’s largest city OMAHA
Noted Chinese leader MAO
Old cry of disgust FIE
One might take you for a ride CAB
Orange coats RINDS
Potato chip brand LAYS
Pranksters IMPS
Rambling stories YARNS
Rap on the knuckles? FISTBUMP
Scoops of chocolate and vanilla, perhaps DOUBLEDIP
See 10-Down EVENT
See 35-Down OTT
Seize GRAB
Shoe popularized by Audrey Hepburn BALLETFLAT
Skiers’ hangout LODGE
Skin pics, for short TATS
Squeaky door part HINGE
Sticky stuff GOO
Systematize CODIFY
Television bracket WALLMOUNT
The Jets, to the Sharks RIVALGANG
They’re made to get the bugs out BETAS
They’re parallel to radiuses ULNAS
Thurman of “Pulp Fiction” UMA
Warm Pacific current that affects weather ELNINO
What a mouth-watering aroma can do TEMPT
Wine sediment DREGS
With 14-Across, slugger signed by the Giants at age 16 MEL
With 9-Down, activity orchestrated to attract coverage MEDIA