Wall Street Journal – Aug 17 2021 – “Cleared for Takeoff” Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“According to me…,” briefly IMO
“Frozen” character voiced by Josh Gad OLAF
“Princess Mononoke” genre ANIME
Break in a team’s schedule OPENDATE
Chaotic spots ZOOS
Cloverleaf part EXIT
College, to Aussies UNI
Cooler brand IGLOO
Courtney Vandersloot’s WNBA team CHICAGOSKY
Cupboard part DOOR
Data pro ANALYST
Did a jockey’s job RODE
Director Lee ANG
Discoverer’s cry OHO
Eager to hear more ALLEARS
Elevate LIFTUP
Encountered MET
Eurasian deer ROES
Fish that can live more than 200 years KOI
Graham in the Football Hall of Fame OTTO
Greta Thunberg, e.g SWEDE
Hairdos COIFS
Hang around STAY
Helper AIDE
Holstein sound MOO
Includes on an email CCS
Itinerary preposition VIA
IV inserters, at times EMTS
Kids’ TV character with a pet fish named Dorothy ELMO
Long Island town of horror fame AMITYVILLE
Make the call REF
Mardi Gras city, familiarly NOLA
Massage application OIL
Minute ITSY
Monsoon weather RAINS
Move like molasses OOZE
Neeson of “Taken” LIAM
Noted lab assistant IGOR
Omani money RIAL
On steroids, slangily JUICED
On the surface, say AFLOAT
One with a crystal ball SEER
Org. for cryptologists NSA
Passed on a proposal SAIDNO
Piping bag output ICING
Promote heavily TOUT
Record holder, of a sort EXCON
Robert of “The Sting” SHAW
Ruby of “Do the Right Thing” DEE
San Francisco Bay entrance GOLDENGATE
Sandusky’s state OHIO
Sardonic WRY
Show with a “Fashion Startup” spinoff PROJECTRUNWAY
Sign of a sprain, maybe LIMP
Simile words ASA
Solution for people with poor vision? SALINE
Song that starts “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot” BIGYELLOWTAXI
Sound that might be off the wall? ECHO
Start of a Caesar boast ICAME
Stuck in the mud MIRED
Sword part HILT
Tennis balls and tug-of-war ropes, e.g DOGTOYS
There are 30 in the Dow: Abbr COS
Throws out EXPELS
Tom’s role in the “Mission: Impossible” films ETHAN
Train in a ring SPAR
Warrior princess of TV XENA
Was educated at Oxford? LEARNT
West Point student CADET
With regard to ASFOR
Words for a number LYRICS
Workforce MANPOWER
Yanks’ rivals SOX
You can take a whack at it PINATA

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