Wall Street Journal – Aug 17 2022 – “Upstarts” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“East of Eden” brother CAL
“Rule, Britannia” composer ARNE
“Toy Story” dinosaur REX
As well as PLUS
Assails SETSAT
Bellini opera NORMA
Camera crew member who’s a bit too high-strung? UPTIGHTGRIP
Challenges for srs SATS
Concur AGREE
Covered with dirt GRIMY
Crash investigator TECHIE
Crude shack HUT
Crude shacks SHANTIES
Device retired in May 2022 IPOD
Extend across SPAN
Eye opener, of a sort ALARM
Eyetooth CUSPID
Famed four-wheel failures EDSELS
Farm worker who’s strictly honorable? UPRIGHTHAND
Fashion worker who wears only the poshest outfits? UPSCALEMODEL
Fidelity competitor SCHWAB
Fighters who are cheerfully confident? UPBEATBOXERS
Figure in an ad SALEPRICE
Fire CAN
Flank SIDE
Fluctuate wildly SEESAW
Furious RAGING
Give rise to BEGET
Global septet SEAS
Grazing site PASTURE
Hodges in the Baseball Hall of Fame GIL
Holden Caulfield’s creator SALINGER
Island that includes a state capital OAHU
Kensington Gardens conveyance PRAM
Latvia, once: Abbr SSR
Letters that look like H’s ETAS
Lima lady SENORA
Made wings, perhaps ADDEDON
Memory triggers, at times ODORS
Mount of northern California SHASTA
Name on the world’s largest tennis stadium ASHE
Neither lost nor gained BROKEEVEN
Org. with badges BSA
Pitched low DEEP
Played out OLD
Poker prize POT
Profanity-free CLEAN
Put away ATE
Relaxing retreats SPAS
Ring borders ROPES
Scampered RAN
Scourges BANES
Shade TINT
She hosted Fox’s “More to Love” EMME
Short races DASHES
Skating category PAIRS
Small denomination SECT
Small plane ONESEATER
Sound from a picket line CHANT
Startled sounds GASPS
Stretching muscle TENSOR
Target of a dehumidifier MOISTURE
Target or apple, e.g LOGO
Tarzan’s adopted family APES
Tennis star Murray ANDY
Through VIA
Tour worker ROADIE
Tricky tennis strokes DROPSHOTS
Tropicana Field team RAYS
Try for a hit BAT
Work in a bed, maybe HOE

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