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Wall Street Journal – Aug 18 2018 – G-Rated Movies

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Clues Answers
‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay’ singer REDDING
‘Antiques Roadshow’ network PBS
‘C’mon, help me out here!’ BEAPAL
‘Good Times’ star Esther ROLLE
‘I’m game if you are!’ LETS
‘Message received’ ROGER
‘Samurai Champloo,’ e.g ANIME
‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ director Anderson WES
A great deal HEAPS
Acts the coquette FLIRTS
Argument in public, say SCENE
B look-alike BETA
Bar fight? TRIAL
Biblical shepherd-turned-prophet AMOS
Big name in TV talk ELLEN
Bit of winter wear that stretches forever? ENDLESSGLOVE
Bitterness over Christmas preparations? GALLABOUTEVE
Brand with a sailing ship logo OLDSPICE
Brewpub brew ALE
Broadband forerunner DIALUP
Brood tenders HENS
Bushy dos AFROS
Captain with a whalebone leg AHAB
Cedar’s cousin FIR
Charter LEASE
Cheering wildly AROAR
Christ the ___ (Rio landmark) REDEEMER
Circle calculation AREA
Climb GOUP
Common aquarium fish TETRA, GUPPY
Couples JOINS
Craigslist content ADS
Deadbeats’ cars, by and by REPOS
Dealer’s foe NARC
Deep cuts made by Merkel? ANGELASGASHES
Designed to hold things up, as some gate brackets ANTISAG
Diamonds, e.g SUIT
Displace BUMP
Dundee denizen SCOT
Dyeing spot VAT
European viper ADDER
Far-flying seabird PETREL
Fernando who got two grand slams in a single inning in 1999 TATIS
Fighting ATWAR
Fire AXE
First words of Browning’s ‘Home-Thoughts, From Abroad’ OHTOBE
Fish with winglike fins RAY
Fling TOSS
Flyer of myth ROC
Fusilli form SPIRAL
God of passion EROS
H look-alike ETA
Hefty thing BAG
Hires stuff ROOTBEER
Historic stretches ERAS
Hoists again, as sails RERIGS
Hotel amenity SPA
How rush hour traffic often moves ATACRAWL
In shape FIT
Into pieces APART
Iridescent mineral OPAL
Jackson Hole backdrop TETONS
Katey of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ SAGAL
Langston Hughes poem ITOO
Leaf spot? GARAGE
Like some bright teeth WHITENED
Like some jeans and buildings HIGHRISE
Like some wallpaper FLORAL
List of tickets BALLOT
Longtime Motion Picture Association of America president Jack VALENTI
Maiden name indicator NEE
Make a second film together, e.g RETEAM
Moderately quickly ATATROT
Mother of Helen LEDA
Move quickly DART
Moved in waves, perhaps SWAM
Name on a famed B-29 ENOLA
Not ordained LAY
Not pos NEG
Notes before sols FAS
Obstinate equine ASS
Official timekeeper of Wimbledon ROLEX
Orthodox CANONIC
Party in an Empire State Building wedding? AGROOMWITHAVIEW
Pink uniform color adopted by a historically black university? GRAMBLINGROSE
Pitch kin TAR
Pledge drive premium TOTE
Plod along TRUDGE
Port southeast of Buenos Aires LAPLATA
Prefix with China or Pacific INDO
Prepare for more fighting REARM
Pres. Davis’s group CSA
Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Dan FOUTS
Producer’s dream HIT
Punk offshoot EMO
Question of motive WHY
Ran the game EMCEED
Reach an upper limit TOPOUT
Reality, quaintly SOOTH
Receipt addition TAX
Red-ink figures LOSSES
Rogue’s predecessor XTERRA
Running behind LATE
Sch. support group PTA
Securities trader, for short ARB
Settles down NESTS
Sister of Hades HERA
Site of a 1965 voter registration drive SELMA
Sleepy colleague DOC
Slip up ERR
Sound from gerbils and giraffes SOFTG
Sound off RANT
Splits violently RIVES
Spree JAG
Star of Quentin’s ‘Kill Bill’ UMA
Step in the studio PAS
Stock option? SOUP
Strong trigger of memories ODOR
Substandard POOR
Tempestuous GUSTY
That miss SHE
The NCAA’s Falcons knocked out of March Madness? AIRFORCEGONE
Title girl in a 1979 #1 song by the Knack SHARONA
Toe woe in Togo? GOUTOFAFRICA
Tools for kitchen prep PARERS
Troubles BOTHERS
Twangy instruments SITARS
University of Maine town ORONO
Very well, in Brit slang ATREAT
Viscous stuff GOO
Visit with three charming sister goddesses? ADAYATTHEGRACES
Where to find the Weather Channel ONCABLE
Win-and-place bet EXACTA
Windows program file extension EXE
Yield from a plum-wheat hybrid? PURPLEGRAIN