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Wall Street Journal – Aug 18 2021 – “Variety Show” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Just as I thought!” OHO
“___ Robinson” MRS
Apparel edge HEM
Appear imminent LOOM
Archaeological discovery RELIC
Attracted DREW
Camel cousin LLAMA
Carrier based at Ben Gurion ELAL
Church official ELDER
Circular FLIER
Environmental activist Thunberg GRETA
Fall mo OCT
Fifth place? BOTTLE
Fire remnant EMBER
Five-time Stanley Cup champions OILERS
Font option ITALIC
Georgia Sports Hall of Fame location MACON
Give up CEDE
Goes wrong ERRS
Her, subjectively SHE
Imitate a dove COO
Increase potential risk UPTHEANTE
Is adequate CUTSIT
It might have a removable part TOUPEE
Items on carousels SUITCASES
Left ventricle outlet AORTA
Lei bestower’s greeting ALOHA
Leveling aid SHIM
Liver production BILE
Made public AIRED
Marisa of Spider-Man movies TOMEI
Merkel of Germany ANGELA
Morale-boosting grp USO
Morn’s opposite EEN
No Rx required OTC
Not bad, but not great SOSO
Nullify VETO
Oceangoing pro, slangily TAR
Oceangoing pro, slangily SALT
Oktoberfest souvenirs STEINS
Ominous note from the teacher SEEME
Parable offering LESSON
Pest and weed control brand ORTHO
Phone menu alternative YES
Pointer’s word THERE
Polynesian paste POI
Producer’s hope HIT
Question of identity WHO
Reluctant AVERSE
Remote race-viewing venue: Abbr OTB
Rub the wrong way RILE
Show about army training? DRILLBIT
Show about everything? ALLINONEPIECE
Show about group learning? CLASSACT
Show about manicurists? THUMBNAILSKETCH
Show about spa treatments? FACIALFEATURE
Slammer PEN
Slow-cooked meal STEW
Sponsor of many racers STP
Still in the running ALIVE
Surreptitious glance PEEK
Takes place OCCURS
Texter’s “What I think is…” IMO
These days NOW
They meet at jcts RDS
Throw with force HURL
Trade tax TARIFF
Triumphal structure ARCH
Tuscaloosa team, to fans BAMA
TV type LCD
Uber offering RIDE
Under any circumstances EVER
With skill ABLY
Yule song NOEL