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Wall Street Journal – Aug 19 2020 – “Whether or Not” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“A pox on you!” FIE
“Get a room!” elicitors, for short PDAS
“Macbeth” prop DAGGER, CAULDRON
“The Faerie Queene” poet SPENSER
23rd of 24 letters PSI
Ancient Andean INCAN
Attention grabbers STUNTS
Balm ingredient ALOE
Catchy pop music EARCANDY
Confused ADDLED
Declines temporarily SAGS
Demonstrate literacy READ
Desiccated DRY
Diner sign words EATHERE
Elton John, e.g SIR
Familiar family trait? HEIRQUALITY
First name in jazz ELLA
Gardner of “Show Boat” AVA
German equivalent of the French “le” DER
Greenwich Village sch NYU
Gucci rival PRADA
Hardly guzzle SIP
Hayride need WAGON
He solves “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” POIROT
Home run, informally DINGER
Honey bunch BEES
Is bold DARES
It flows through Orléans LOIRE
It may be refined ORE
It might be taught for naught TYPO
Junior’s advancement in the family business? SONRISE
Kind of soup, in Southern cuisine SHECRAB
Line on a check DATE
Manhunt quarry ESCAPEE
Mental flash IDEA
Nota ___ BENE
PC linkup LAN
Played with a toy mouse, say PAWED
Pole features ICECAPS
Popular spa town during the Georgian period EPSOM
Popular wedding gift CHINA
Porter Jr. of the NBA OTTO
Presidential nickname ABE
Proficient ABLE
Really exist ARE
Regime collapse? REIGNFALL
Say “hey,” say ASPIRATE
See 64-Across SEA
Senator Mazie Hirono, e.g HAWAIIAN
Significantly FAR
Snick’s partner SNEE
Soccer great Lionel MESSI
Sold online ETAILED
Some rodeo rides BRONCS
Spiky hairstyle feature? DOPOINT
Sushi selection EEL
Texan city in the Mountain Time Zone ELPASO
Thigh muscle QUAD
Ticket category ADULT
Tom, Dick or Harry ANYONE
Troops for “Braveheart”? GAELFORCE
Turkic language TATAR
Turns left, as an ox team HAWS
Unhitched? SINGLE
Water tester TOE
What’s happening EVENT
With 40-Across, onetime world’s fourth-largest lake ARAL
Woodworking tool RASP
Word of woe ALAS
Writer Ferber EDNA
Writer of much of the New Testament PAUL
You can skip it ROPE
___ ex machina DEUS