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Wall Street Journal – Aug 19 2021 – “Slanted Article” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Up and ___!” ATEM
“You should know better!” TSKTSK
100 centesimi LIRA
Acct. summary STMT
Advance POSIT
Aquarium fish TETRA
Aviation hazard RIME
Be in charge RUN
Big brass TUBA
Bourbon barrel material OAK
Box score column HITS
Bridge sur la Seine PONT
Broadcasting structures TOWERS
Burden ONUS
Can’t abide HATE
Carries on TRANSACTS
CEO’s staffer ASST
Character who vows to “do my spriting gently” ARIEL
Complaint during the dog days IMHOT
Copied APED
Creator of the Oompa-Loompas DAHL
Dating adverb AGO
Deal costs ANTES
Designer Geoffrey BEENE
Disposable shoe cover BOOTIE
Dissolute sort ROUE
Drive-___ THRU
Ear supporter STALK
Emulate Churchill ORATE
Escape in haste FLY
Furnishes with food CATERS
Get off BEAT
Golfer Gene who invented the modern sand wedge SARAZEN
Hanukkah candy GELT
Harley-Davidson engine type TWINCAM
Horace collection ODES
Its mascot is ROC the Panther PITT
James of jazz ETTA
Jumble HASH
Like the glass at Sainte-Chapelle STAINED
Like the teams in some broadcast listings: Abbr TBA
Meet requirements MAKE
Merle Haggard’s “I ___ Beautiful Time” HADA
Methuselah’s grandson NOAH
Motorway haulers LORRIES
Nice girlfriend AMIE
Nods off DOZES
Northern California peak MOUNTSHASTA
Not hypothetical INESSE
Offhand greeting OHHI
Packaging need TAPE
Party disciplinarian WHIP
Pay-per-click sellers, briefly ADREPS
Places for sweaters SPAS
Polish EMEND
Posed SAT
Provence possessive SES
Range that’s home to 18-Across, and a hint to solving this puzzle THECASCADES
Reno-to-L.A. heading SSE
Resistance units OHMS
Sch. class SCI
Scottish playwright Munro RONA
Shakespeare’s “sweet sorrow” and “fearful bravery,” e.g OXYMORONS
Sounds from pounds ARFS
Spaniel in the Reagan White House REX
Sports figure STAT
Subj. of a 1972 treaty ABM
Sugar magnate Henry, who donated his art collection TATE
Swipe before paying, perhaps SCAN
The Vini Franchetti winery is on its northern slope ETNA
Tussle SCRAP
Two-way, as some doors INOUT
Vivacious quality SPARKLE
Weight-supporting bones TIBIAE