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Wall Street Journal – Aug 2 2021 – “Smooth Operator” Crossword Answer

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“For reals?” ISITTRUE
“Hilarious!” to a texter LMAO
“Huh-uh!” NAH
“Right now!” ASAP
“Roll Tide!” school BAMA
“Sad to say…” ALAS
“Survivor” network CBS
“The Andy Griffith Show” son OPIE
“The Caine Mutiny” author Herman WOUK
“The Mod Squad” role LINC
“You can count ___” ONME
Back muscles LATS
Booster for a dragster TURBO
Box office failure BOMB
Call from a cruiser AHOY
Cause of some trips LSD
City of northwestern Pennsylvania ERIE
Cost of a suit, say LEGALFEES
Crowd sounds ROARS
Crowning touch? TIARA
Depressed LOW
Designer Cassini OLEG
Diplomat’s forte TACT
Duffer’s warning FORE
Em, to Dorothy AUNT
Even a little ATALL
Eventful spans ERAS
Extremely successful, in theater lingo BOFFO
Fabric workers DYERS
Father of Goneril, Regan and Cordelia KINGLEAR
For fear that LEST
Forever, seemingly AGES
Front muscles ABS
Hardship’s opposite EASE
Harry Truman’s first lady BESS
Influence SWAY
John’s love YOKO
Joyful cry WAHOO
Just fine AOK
Kotb of “Today” HODA
Latvia or Lithuania, once: Abbr SSR
Lingerie item BRA
Loggerhead, for example SEATURTLE
Male admirer BEAU
Minnesota baseballer TWIN
More miffed SORER
Natural skin emollient ALOE
Near miss, and what the ends of 17-, 27- and 44-Across may provide CLOSESHAVE
Neatnik’s bane MESS
Outwits BESTS
Paltry MERE
Passes quickly ZIPSBY
Pharmacy stock, for short MEDS
Pierced parts, sometimes EARS
Pillow cover SHAM
Popular Xbox game franchise HALO
Principle stating the simplest explanation is preferable OCCAMSRAZOR
Scarlett’s last name OHARA
Score, as a job LAND
Silences, in a way MUTES
Singer-songwriter Erykah BADU
Site of il Colosseo ROMA
Some mainframe computers IBMS
Some sports car roofs TTOPS
Sweeping story EPIC
Sweepingly general BROADBRUSH
Sweet frosting choice BUTTERCREAM
Tenant’s agreement LEASE
Tex-Mex order TOSTADA
Tiniest bit LEAST
Tiny bits ATOMS
TSA workers check them IDS
Turntable speed abbr RPM
Uvula’s setting THROAT
Wanderer ROVER