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Wall Street Journal – Aug 2 2022 – “Storybook Ending” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Goooooo, team!” RAH
“Now what’s all this then?!” OHO
“Spy vs. Spy” magazine MAD
“Teenage Dream” singer Perry KATY
“That can’t be good…” UHOH
*”All My Sons” playwright ARTHURMILLER
*Alt-rocker with the 1995 Top 10 hit “Carnival” NATALIEMERCHANT
*CEO who introduced the Apple Watch TIMCOOK
*Grammy winner nicknamed “Empress of Soul” GLADYSKNIGHT
1990s exercise fad TAEBO
2009 Beyoncé hit HALO
2009 James Cameron film with a sequel due in December AVATAR
As a result THUS
Belief in a higher power THEISM
Black and Red, for two SEAS
Blazing AFIRE
Component of a certain cage RIB
Copying ALA
Crank (up) REV
Do a laundry chore SORT
Dressmaking measurement BUST
Eagle’s nest AERIE
Essentially ATHEART
Fictional seller of anvils ACME
Former Yankees superstar, familiarly AROD
Give in CAVE
Granola grain OAT
Have a go at TRY
Headphones output STEREO
Help with a job? ABET
In support of FOR
Insulting remark GIBE
Key symbolized by a bent arrow ENTER
Lab assistant of film IGOR
Let off steam RANT
Little squirt TOT
Londoner’s lav LOO
Medieval Venice, for one CITYSTATE
Mischievous imp HOBGOBLIN
Monthly expense RENT
Move like a femme fatale SLINK
Neighbor of Md., N.J. and Penna DEL
One of six in a fl. oz TSP
Otherwise ELSE
Paper packages REAMS
Penguins’ projectiles PUCKS
Pitching stat ERA
Plans for some srs IRAS
Poetic foot IAMB
Porky Pig’s lack PANTS
Potential REM interrupter APNEA
Recital highlights SOLOS
Remove, as from a taskbar UNPIN
Run away FLEE
Salacious sin LUST
Sales presentation aid CHART
Seeks info ASKS
Sets ablaze IGNITES
Shady shelter ARBOR
Site for a tap of a reflex hammer KNEE
Skilled ABLE
Soprano-tenor go-between ALTO
Steinway products PIANOS
Story collection (with “The”) in which the surnames in the starred answers are characters CANTERBURYTALES
Support provider BRA
Three, in Thüringen DREI
Title role for Welles KANE
Trivial quarrel TIFF
Unaccompanied LONE
Unit of resistance OHM
Up to scratch? ITCHY
Utterly laughable INANE
Was dashing, say RACED
Way off AFAR
Word often following a comparative THAN