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Wall Street Journal – Aug 21 2018 – Line of Inquiry

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Clues Answers
‘L’chaim,’ literally TOLIFE
‘Pet’ that needs to be watered CHIA
‘To repeat myself…’ ISAID
Alternatively INSTEAD
Ambient music maker Brian ENO
Atlanta Olympics torch lighter ALI
Be deserving of MERIT
Beltway staffers AIDES
Bit of ointment DAB
Brand with a ‘Thick & Fluffy’ line EGGO
Brewpub menu section ALES
Casual affairs FLINGS
Children’s writer Blyton ENID
CNN anchor Burnett ERIN
Crumb carrier ANT
Dark purple fruits SLOES
Declare ASSERT
Do an impersonation of MIMIC
Doomed fellow GONER
Egypt’s Sadat ANWAR
Eldest von Trapp child in ‘The Sound of Music’ LIESL
Entertainers’ union AFTRA
Estelle Getty’s ‘Golden Girls’ role SOPHIA
Expert in repartee WIT
Food Network’s ‘Pioneer Woman’ ___ Drummond REE
Franklin who sang ‘Think’ ARETHA
Fundamental principle TENET
Gary who won a Golden Globe playing Truman SINISE
Giant serpent BOA
Go wrong ERR
Guilty ___ ASSIN
Gulf War missile SCUD
Highly infective VIRULENT
In the style of ALA
It may come with salsa verde TACO
Kilmer of ‘Top Gun’ VAL
Kin of crunches SITUPS
Kubrick film based on a Nabokov novel LOLITA
Lend a hand ASSIST
Lennon’s love ONO
Like some agreements ORAL
Miserly Marner SILAS
Never seen before NEW
Not as snug LOOSER
Oil barrel DRUM
On its way, in a way SENT
On one’s back SUPINE
Org. that’s given 23 awards to George Strait CMA
People movers TRAMS
Pest with wings GNAT
Poker bet component CHIP
Pulitzer-winning writer James AGEE
Roberts’s ‘Pretty Woman’ co-star GERE
Sevilla’s nation ESPANA
Show mercy TAKEPITY
Significant rift SCHISM
Silky wool ANGORA
Sound judgment REASON
Sound judgment SENSE
Sporty Chevy since 1953 VETTE
Summer in Strasbourg ETE
Surfboard part FIN
Trumpet legend Al HIRT
Unblocked jumper, in basketball OPENSHOT
Unfaithful lover TWOTIMER
Weasel’s kin OTTER
Without a stitch on NUDE
Word with deal or data RAW