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Wall Street Journal – Aug 22 2018 – Dispossessed

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Clues Answers
‘Conan’ carrier TBS
‘Family Guy’ patriarch PETER
‘Feed the kitty’ sound MEW
‘Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water,’ e.g TAGLINE
‘Semper Fi’ org USMC
‘Take your time’ NOHURRY
‘What’s the latest?’ ANYNEWS
Amazon Prime Air deliverer DRONE
April Fool’s Day baby ARIES
Arizona hoopsters SUNS
Atty.’s title ESQ
Bit of buffoonery ANTIC
Blow Pop core GUM
Bodily concavity INNIE
Bucket of bolts CRATE
Canon mount TRIPOD
Churchill trademarks VSIGNS
Cleanup man, often SLUGGER
Coastal inlet RIA
Condition characterized by repetitive rituals, for short OCD
Considers appropriate SEESFIT
Cooper’s piece STAVE
Early exile EVE
Egyptian serpents ASPS
Encompass SUBSUME
Encourager of smooching in the stands KISSCAM
Enjoy, hyperbolically LIVEFOR
Famed four-wheel failure EDSEL
Fan sound RAH
Flag EBB
Fly high SOAR
From, in Frankfurt VON
Galloway gal LASS
Gift that accompanied gold and frankincense MYRRH
Go to waste ROT
Hit hard CLOUTED
Hobnail’s place SOLE
It may deliver a tranquilizer DART
It’s just for openers KNOB
Jeer from a nicotine addict? SMOKERSCOFF
Kenan Thompson venue, familiarly SNL
LAX scanners TSA
Like, in a way ALA
Low USN rank ENS
Many a Juilliard student’s warm-up SCALE
Meth clinic clientele USERS
Millennial Media purchaser AOL
Most sage WISEST
Off the wall ZANY
Out for a while INACOMA
Peeping pastor? SHEPHERDSPY
People hold them in their arms ULNAS
Perry Square city ERIE
Plays a mean sax WAILS
Prepubescent landholder? BOYSQUIRE
Produit de Bordeaux VIN
Produit de Perrier EAU
Puts salt on, perhaps DEICES
Reply of feigned innocence MOI
Restless ANTSY
Risky hand to go all in on ONEPAIR
Sauna site SPA
Scout’s group DEN
Seaweed, e.g ALGA
Separate wheat from chaff THRESH
Sharon’s predecessor BARAK
Shimmering stone OPAL
Show of exasperation from a national emblem? EAGLESIGH
Sleep disrupter APNEA
Solar wind bit ION
Soothes EASES
Steinway alternatives YAMAHAS
Symptom of an apian allergy? BEESNEEZE
That girl SHE
Theology subject SIN
They may be called to fix a flat SUPERS
Tribe that lent its name to a state UTE
Water hole DRAIN